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NauticStar 210 Coastal

The 210 Coastal offers strong fishability with creature comforts for family outings.

NauticStar has straddled the fence between recreational boats and fish boats, while building a reputation of making its products both uncompromisingly fun and affordable. Its new 210 Coastal is the latest in a line of inshore fishers, and NauticStar has doubled its bet by offering strong fishability with creature comforts for family outings.

NauticStar brands the 210 a crossover vessel, but make no mistake — the deck-boat platform is very, very fishy.

Its forward-sponson design creates a wide, blunt-nose bow from which to play. i could make a pinpoint cast to a fish from the forward deck, then step down and grab a drink from the built-in cooler without taking my eyes from the target.

Sunbathing in the wraparound seating area was off the roster, thanks to a very chilly test day, but the rig heated things up as I rocketed to 30 miles per hour in a scant 7.1 seconds. The Yamaha F150 pushed the boat to just over 46 mph at 6,100 rpm, the hull’s air-assisted chines offering additional lift and reduced drag at speed. In hard-over turns, I felt confident in the boat’s surefooted tracking in wind chop building in the north wind.

I appreciated the 210’s heavy-duty plexiglass windshield that cold morning, as I frequently ducked my windburned face behind the console.

After proving the boat a capable performer in unpleasant conditions, I rummaged around looking for more creature comforts, like the removable upholstered cushions that snap into the forward deck to form a comfortable sun pad. Aft, three flip-up jump seats gave my passenger a comfortable ride, with grab handles and drink holders in just the right spots.

When folded down, these seats created a nearly flat platform, flush with the aft deck for added casting space and secure footing. It’s a design NauticStar has proved in other bay boats in its line, and it was one of many fishing-friendly features I especially favored in this boat.

Consider, for instance, that there are not one but two livewells, a 20-gallon well under the seating area forward of the console and a 27-gallon well aft. A cast-net storage bin with a built-in three-gallon bucket is housed in the sole. Six rods can be stowed vertically on the console, and another four can be stashed under the gunwales.

For such a family-oriented boat, the 210 Coastal stacks up very nicely in the fishing department.

Comparable model: Carolina Skiff 23 Ultra Elite SS