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Scout 225 XSF

The 225 XSF features sturdy construction and boosted fuel efficiency.

Sell your stock in Exxon Mobil and use the proceeds to buy a Scout 225 XSF — when the stockbrokers find out about this boat’s shocking fuel economy, commodities might take a tumble. In fact, if you’re looking for the most fuel-efficient way to get offshore, this boat could be just the ticket.

No, 22 feet is not a lot of overall length to take offshore in the first place. But the 225 XSF is more than competent, thanks to a foam-filled hull and a molded stringer grid that are chemically bonded to form a single structure. Rip through the inlet at speeds greater than 50 mph and hunt down some big boat wakes to launch off of, and the 225 XSF feels almost like granite underfoot. Now grab the T-top’s powder-coated pipework, give it a shake, and note the absence of movement. Jump into the leaning post’s bolsters, brace your feet against the console, and push back as hard as you can to prove that those aluminum-supported backrests are truly as tough as they look.

Despite this boat’s beefy disposition, Scout kept its weight relatively low at 2,200 pounds. This is an important detail because, in designing its NuV3 hull form, one of its goals was to boost fuel efficiency to new heights, and that requires minimizing weight. Net result? At a cruising speed of 30.2 mph, the 225 XSF gets an eye-popping 3.8 mpg — unless you plod along at pre-planing speeds, it’ll be virtually impossible to find a more fuel-efficient way to get to the grounds in an outboard powered boat of this size or larger.

Once you’ve arrived at the fishing grounds, there will be plenty more to like about this Scout. The leaning post houses a lighted livewell and a pair of tackle boxes; the transom bench seat can be removed and stowed in the console to increase fishing space; and the forward bow deck seats rest atop integrated fish boxes, which drain directly overboard. They’re sized more for stripers than tunas, so hedge your bets and invest in a fish bag. That’ll ensure you can properly reap the rewards of your investment.

Comparable model: Robalo R220