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In Our Wake: Got A Light?

Owning a Cigarette is about more than going fast.

In Our Wake: Got A Light?

In Our Wake: Got A Light?

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Certain brands become so ubiquitous with their categories that their names come to mind before the actual products do. Think Kleenex for tissues, Harley Davidson for outlaw motorcycles and Cigarette Boats for high-performance “go-fast” powerboats. This ad from our July 1991 issue shows that Cigarette has always been about selling more than just pure speed. It’s selling a lifestyle. While Cigarette hails each boat as “a deep-Vee marine meteor that deftly handles jowl-taunting speeds,” it makes sure to also point out “a boat is a boat … but a Cigarette is an event.” Just in case you missed the point, the picture below the headline spells it out. Certain things, they say, always sell.