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Spinnerbait Blades

Three key blade shapes.

Spinnerbait blades transmit distinct vibrations, making blade style crucial when pairing with skirt and head. Here are three key blade shapes.

Design: Slender and streamlined to imitate a baitfish’s profile. Made for speed, just like its natural counterpart.
Single or Double?** Double up. Think of a nervous baitfish school that triggers the predator instinct of bass.

Water: Clear and shallow. For knifing through current or mowing into thick vegetation.

Design: Blend of Colorado’s roundness and Willowleaf’s slenderness.

Single or Double? Double up. Use ahead of or behind a Willowleaf blade for a unique presentaton sure to earn you bragging rights.

Water: Heavily fished. Seldom used anymore, fish aren’t used to seeing this classic. That’s all the more reason to use it.

Design: Has a round shape to spin at low speed for slow presentations.

Single or Double? Go solo. Think timpani or bass guitar. One lick sends out a deep, resonating note.
Water:** Out deep. It displaces more water and transmits deeper sounds to attract bass in low-visibility areas like drop-offs.