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United States Panga Builders

Inspired by pangas from Central America and around the world, a handful of builders make pangas here in the States. These are a far cry from the stripped-down 1970s versions, however. Many resemble high-end sport-fishing boats rather than the utilitarian little workhorses from which they are descended. U.S. panga builders have stayed faithful to certain design elements — such as the roughly 4:1 length-to-beam ratio and shallow hull — that preserve low running costs and seakindly handling. But they also are providing the increased horsepower, beefy construction and onboard amenities that contemporary American anglers seek. — Heather Steinberger

Allmand Boats, Miami, Florida
A range of models from 20 to 31 feet
305-396-3727, allmandboats.com

Andros Boatworks, Sarasota, Florida
Six models from 18 to 32 feet
877-263-7671, androsboats.com

Angler Boat Corp., Miami, Florida
Two models, 22 and 26 feet
305-691-9975, anglerboats.com

Panga Marine, Sarasota, Florida
Seven models from 18 to 29 feet
941-358-6800, pangamarine.com

Mojito Boats, Sarasota, Florida
Five modes from 18 to 23 feet
941-345-6131, mojitoboats.com