2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Find gifts for fishermen and the best boating gear for dad this Father’s Day!

June 9, 2015
The Evinrude Fat 50 was an iconic “big” outboard in the 1960s. Your dad is an icon, too. Here are 50 great gifts for dad. Some are cheap, some will cost you, but all are selected as boater-riffic by the editors at Boating.
Rapala Husky Jerk Fishing Lure
If Dad likes freshwater bass fishing, he’s going to love the Rapala Husky Jerk. One of the most versatile bass lures, it can be cast or trolled, and is particularly effective on smallmouth and largemouth bass in spring and early summer. The four-inch-long, HJ-10 model suspends, rattles and triggers violent strikes when worked over structure with a sweep-and-pause retrieve. I particularly like the Helsinki Shad pattern. $7.99 for the HJ-10;
Williamson Lures Gomame Jig
Angling dads will love this jig that fishes like a plug or swimming bait. Its integrated “S” shape creates a pronounced swimming action, and pairs with premium foil finishes, to ensure that the new Williamson™ Gomame Jig takes jigs and gets fishing dads in the strike zone. Available in seven finishes and three sizes. $7.49 to $8.49;
Shurhold Camera Adapter
Selfies are part of the cultural fabric now, and that’s no different aboard boats. The Shurhold Camera Adapter lets you mount a GoPro or Garmin Virb aboard any Shurhold boat pole to create a boat-worthy selfie stick. $12.95,
Sufix Invisiline Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
This super-sensitive, incredibly strong fishing line is nearly invisible to fool the most finicky fish — even that elusive lunker that Dad long ago named Walter and has been pursuing ever since. Sufix Invisiline is also impervious to ultraviolet, offers high abrasion resistance and sinks four times faster than monofilament fishing lines. The crystal-clear fluorocarbon is available in 4- to 100-pound test. $19.49 for 200 yards of 7-pound-test;
Top Brass Pocket Hose
If your boating dad has a washdown system or is tired of wrestling with stubborn dock hoses, get him the Top Brass Pocket Hose for Father’s Day. Our editors have been using this collapsible hose with great success. $19.99;
Huk Breathable Face Gaitor
Neck and face gaitors (aka Buffs) are great for keeping the sun’s rays at bay while on the water, but pulling them over your mouth and nose makes it tough to breath. That’s why Dad will appreciate the new Huk Face Gaitor. Its mesh front offers great breathability and moisture release, while blocking ultraviolet rays. Available in black, blue and gray camo, as well as white, all with solid-color mesh fronts. $19.99;
Stetson No Fly Zone Sun Hat
The big news is that these Stetson hats keep bay bugs at bay! They protect against mosquitoes, ticks, ants and flies, making this a great hat for boating dads. The No Fly Zone hats are EPA registered and contain permethrin fabric which is recommended by both the CDC and WHO, making these hats environmentally friendly. Keeps the sun off, too. $28;
Kenu Highline iPhone 6 Plus Case
Yeah, you know he did! He got that big phone before you did. Here’s the perfect case for it. I’ve dropped mine in it twice and it didn’t get a scratch. I should’ve used the lanyard that comes with it and it wouldn’t have even made a thump on the pavement. $29.95 for the iphone 6; $34.95 for the iPhone 6 Plus;
The Blitz: Fly Fishing the Atlantic Migration
Deputy Editor Pete McDonald’s hardcover collaboration with the photographer Tosh Brown takes anglers on a coastal journey from Maine to North Carolina in search of coastal gamefish and the characters who pursue them with fly rods. $34.95,
Papa’s Pilar Co Pack
A nautical dad just might like some of the best the Caribbean has to offer. In honor of Father’s Day (aka Papa’s Day), Papa’s Pilar premium sipping rum presents this cigar co pack, available at select tobacco-licensed retail stores exclusively throughout the state of Florida. The pack includes a 750ml bottle of Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum, which at 86-proof, is both pot and column distilled, and boasts hand-selected rums from the Caribbean, Central America and the USA up to 24 years old. $39.99;
Sport Brella Slopeside Chair
Sit anywhere, be it dockside or waterside, in this collapsible chair from Sport Brella that features adjustable front legs so you can make the chair stable on sloped or uneven surfaces. Holds up to 300 pounds and features durable yet comfortable Sport Brella fabric. $39.99,
Stormy Kromer Waxed Cotton Cap
The distinctive Stormy Kromer cap is made from paraffin treated waxed cotton to make it water repellent and has pull-down ear flaps to keep warm on cool mornings. Made in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula, it is the quintessential hat for any outdoorsman. $44.99,
Prana Calder Performance Shirt
The Calder Longsleeve is made from quick-drying stretch UPF 50+ fabric for extra protection in the water or on the beach. It’s lightweight yet durable and offered in stylish colors and designs. $59,
Stingray Classic Hydrofoil
If dad complains about his outboard or sterndrive boat’s performance or handling, consider gifting him with a StingRay Classic Hydrofoil. With a StingRay Classic installed, boats get up on plane 50 percent faster, while bow rise is also reduced. Chinewalking, porpoising, and cavitation are no longer problems for boats with a StingRay Classic. Available in black, grey and white. $59.99;
Xtratuf Bluefin Deck Shoes
If Pops likes his Xtratuf deck boots, he’s going to love the new Xtratuf Bluefin deck shoes. These lace-up shoes feature same slip-resistant, non-marring soles as the boots, but have sporty uppers for with microfiber leather and mesh to resist stains. Cushioned insole offers all-day comfort. Brass-grommet drain holes help the shoes dry quickly. Available in traditional Xtratuf brown/tan and navy/white in men’s sizes 7 to 14. $64.99;
Grundens Gage Fogbow Hooded Sweatshirt
Though nearly summer, it can still get chilly and damp on the water. Make sure Pops stays warm by giving him a Gage Fogbow hooded sweatshirt. This fleece pullover hoody is designed to block out icy winds while wicking away moisture, perfect for layering under a rain jacket. It’s available in sizes XS to 5XL and in black with orange drawstrings or navy with bright green drawstrings. $67.50;
Ice Mule Cooler
The Ice Mule Large Classic Cooler is essentially a waterproof dry bag that rolls up for easy stowage when not in use. The difference is it features an air valve to add a layer of air insulation that helps keep up to 18 12-oz cans chilled on ice. It’s great for bringing aboard small boats as well as PWCs and kayaks. $69.95,
Bison Airlighter
This portable 2-pound lighter uses a specially formulated fuel to project a 4-inch flame that gets any fire going without the help of lighter fluid. $79.95,
Soft Science The Fin
These fishing shoes were invented by former officers at Reebook and CROCS. They feature a built-in drainage system, excellent nonskid performance, a removable/washable insole and are engineered for comfort. Soft Science makes a range of outdoor and casual footwear. $79.99;
OluKai ‘Ohana Sandals
OluKai footwear — with its iconic Hawaiian coral fishhook logo — has quickly become one of the hottest brands among boaters and anglers. So make sure Dad’s is island-stylin’ with a pair of OluKai ‘Ohana flip-flop leather sandals. He’ll love the super-comfy compression-molded EVA midsole with leather footbed. A non-marking rubber outsole is slip-resistant on deck. The soft-nylon toe-post webbing is easy on the tootsies. And of course, there’s that bitchin’ embroidered fishhook. $85;
Zhik Boat Shoes
These stylish new boat shoes feature the ZK soft sole, a rubber tread that sheds water while providing a sticky grip on deck. They’re lightweight and very breathable and quickly dry for max comfort. $89.99,
PowerPro Maxcuatro Super-Thin Braided Fishing Line
Dad needs every advantage possible when it comes to fishing success, and that just what he gets with PowerPro Maxcuatro super-thin braided fishing line. It’s 25 percent thinner than conventional braid, letting Pops cast farther and gain increased line capacity for tackling really big fish. The 65-pound test Maxcuatro is the equivalent diameter of 12-pound-test monofilament. Available in moss-green and hi-vis yellow in 50-, 65-, 80- and 100-pound-test. $89.99 for 500-yards of 65;
Pelican iM2300 Storm Case
Dad can keep his tablet, laptop, or any valuables dry and protected against shock and vibration with this Pelican iM2300 Storm Case. It measures 17″ x 11.7″ x 6.2″ (43.2 x 29.7 x 15.7 cm) and is watertight, lockable with padlocks and is guaranteed for life. $98.75;
Cyntur JumperPack Mini
Be the hero. You know your pal always lets the battery run down playing that bodacious stereo and stranding you and your friends on the sandbar. You also know he secretly does it just to keep the girls out there for that romantic sunset. Next time, yank this tiny 1-pound gadget out of your purse and connect it to the battery to crank him up and get him back to port where he belongs. Or, if you’re into the sunset stranding, use it to recharge your cell phone so you can keep Pandora going all night and phone home to tell them you are safe, for the moment. It’s got a blinding LED flashlight built-in, too. $99.95;
SPOT Trace
Worried about your boat’s accessibility to theives? Or just worried the teenager used it to cut across the lake to “that girl’s” house again? Tuck this device under the dash or motor cowl, turn it on and watch your smartphone for motion and position notifications. You’ll know right where your boy — and your boat is at all times! $99
Weego Jumpstart Battery Pack
The Weego Jumpstart Battery Pack is the size of a smart phone so it can easily slide into your pocket or take up minimal space in the onboard glove box or stowage bin. It also comes with alligator clips, 12v and 120v power cords, and a USB adapter for smartphone connections. Fully charged, this lithium ion battery pack is powerful enough to jumpstart a car or boat with up to a 4.6L gasoline engine or 2.4L diesel engine. It also has an LED flashlight. $99.99,
SeaDek Coaming Bolsters
SeaDek Coaming Pads are designed for comfort, durability and ease of installation. Made from EVA foam specifically designed for the marine environment.Application is a breeze with the peel and stick backing. Stock Coaming Pad kits consist of two 4.5″ x 37″ pads, each 20 mm thick. Choose from numerous stock color combinations Custom sizes available! $105.95 (standard kit);
Cousins Raze Fishing Rods
They are hard to gift-wrap, but Dad’s going love these new Cousins Raze rods just the same. Choose from 35 different high-modulus graphite models for freshwater and light saltwater fishing in spinning and trigger-style handles. Each American-built stick features high-quality Fuji component, and is hand-crafted red, black and silver-highlighted wraps. Each rod carries a three-year limited warranty. $108 to $206;
Marine 400 First-Aid Kit
It’s good for Pops to be prepared for anything, so why not give him the Marine 400 first-aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits. Designed for coastal vessels carrying up to six souls, the 400 includes injury-specific waterproof packages and instructions for dealing with emergencies such as cleaning and closing wounds, stabilizing fractures, managing pain, administering CPR, and preventing hypothermia and shock. This gift tells Dad you care. $120;
Sperry Kingfisher 2
Dad has you, so he has all he needs. Wait! Get a grip (on the deck)! These Sperry Kingfisher shoes are now updated for 2015. Featuring lightweight and ASV technology, they ensure dad stays safe, comfortable and looking great! $140;
Engle Cooler Bag
This high-performance soft-sided cooler features a 5-layer insulation system, including high-performance closed-cell foam insulation and dual radiant barriers. It’s also got a removable inner liner bag making packing and clean up easy, and there are backpack straps on the back so it’s easy to carry. MSRP is $159.99;
Costa Cortez Sunglasses
Give dad the gifts of sight, style and safety. Costa’s new Cortez sunglasses feature rugged performance tools anglers need to spot the fish faster and more clearly, combined with a unique styling. Costa’s Cortez offers a large fit with a bold wrap shape, meant to block glare from entering from the sides. The linear venting system alleviates lens fogging, and the temple tips feature open slots for a retainer cord. Cortez’s frame color options include blackout, tortoise, shiny black, Realtree® Xtra® camo, crystal bronze, and white with a blue Costa logo. Starting at $169;
Coastal Art Maps
Give dad a beautifully painted version of his favorite coastline from Coastal Art Maps. Artist Joseph Tarella uses pen and ink and watercolors to create coastal maps of 27 favorite places along the East Coast. Prices vary,
Revo Guide S Sunglasses
These glasses are made with anglers and boaters in mind, as they feature an elastomeric nosepad to prevent slippage during high-speed activity, and vented stems for airflow. Their polarized lenses block 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC light and come in blue water, green water, terra and graphite. $189,
Dometic Eskimo Cup
If your boating dad is cool, his onboard drinks should be as well. The Dometic Eskimo Cup keeps drinks cool and refreshing using 12-volt power. Install is easy, and the chrome ring and blue LED lights look great! $199;
Shimano Torium 16 HG Saltwater Reel
Dads everywhere appreciate new fishing gear, especially if it’s one of Shimano’s newest saltwater reels — the Torium 16 HF. This compact, 18.9-ounce conventional star drag features a super-smooth cross carbon star drag, anti-rust roller and ball bearings, and a high-speed 6.1:1 retrieve ratio that gathers 46 inches of line per crank. It holds 320 yards of 20-pound-test monofilament or 330 yards of 65-pound-test braided line. $229.99;
ACR ResQLink+
Register this with SARSAT and put it in your dad’s pocket when he heads out fishing. If all goes wrong, he can activate it and rescue will be on the way. If he needs to use it to save his life? ACR will replace the PLB free of charge with a new one and a fresh battery. The unique test function allows you to be assured it is working before disembarking. $249;
No. This infrared imaging device can’t see through clothes or curtains. Yes, it can find troubling hotspots on an overheating boat engine or help locate a man overboard in the dark. The Flir One is app-based and attaches to your phone, converting the camera to an infrared imaging device that includes a photographic outline of the infrared images. It’s cool to see what’s hot in the dark. $249.95;
ICOM ICM424G VHF Marine Transceiver
Don’t send your dad offshore without a reliable DSC VHF Radio that can transmit an SOS complete with a current GPS position. While many radios can accept GPS position from a boater’s chartplotter, the connection process is unreliable and not at all intuitive. Eliminate that weakness with this radio with a built-in GPS. Sound cancelling technology in the mic makes transmissions clear, in fact, ICOM Radios are so clear our test crew communicate to and from our photo chopper with them in flight without headsets. Yeah, they’re that good. $275;
Maui Jim Apapane
Apapane — a species of Hawaiian honeycreeper, a small bird known for its bright crimson feathers that were used to adorn the capes, helmets and leis of Hawaiian nobility. This delicate rimless style has an elegant butterfly-shaped lens that flatters smaller faces. The lenses have fashion-forward MauiGradient™ tinting that is darker at the top of the lens. This style has an eye size of 57mm, bridge size of 18mm, temple length of 133mm and a six-base curvature. $329;
Fusion Marine Entertainment Amplifiers
Does Dad “Rock the Boat?” This new line of amplifiers is engineered for long-lasting performance. Offered in two configurations: 1) the 400 watt, 2-channel MS-AM402 and 2) the 500 watt, 4-channel MS-AM504 marine amplifiers are perfect for enhancing powerful audio performance. $379;
Delorme InReach Explorer
This is more than a PLB. Its a GPS navigator, a 2-way text communicator and it will save your bacon if you are caught offshore or anywhere out of reach of normal communications. It uses Iridium satellite communications to send out an SOS. Wirelessly connect to a mobile phone to easily send text messages. Share your position with friends and more. Its an investment in safety and fun. $379;
V360 Cam
Ever notice how the camera is always pointed the wrong way to catch the real action? Not with this one. Set it on the dash or stick it to a flat surface or hook it to a ¼” by 20 thread tripod stud to put it where you want it and then turn it on. It literally shoots simultaneously in 360 degrees. Rotate the view on the video of photo in post to see forward, sideways or aft. Control the shooting mode — video or still — on the free V360 app. Next time some skipper says he was the stand-on vessel and ahead of your beam — show him the video. $449;
Pelican 1670 Case
Pelican 1670 Case is a tough, watertight case similar to ones venerated by boaters and outdoors types for years. The 1670 offers nearly 4,259 cubic inches of usable storage space. It also sports four stainless steel ball bearing, polyurethane wheels and an extension handle for easy transport.Like all Pelican Protector Cases, the Pelican 1670 Case has a polymer cell-core construction that helps it protect sensitive equipment. $474.95,
The Reactor Titan Watch
The Reactor Titan is designed for not just for outdoorsy types, but for military and law enforcement as well. It’s rugged watch case is made of stainless steel with a Nitromid glass polymer cover that’s super tough and scratch resistant. The band is made of lightweight nylon webbing and the face features Never Dark technology. It is water resistant to 300 meters. $500,
Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro
This compact 5-inch dash mount chartplotter and downscan sonar is complete with CHIRP technology for top resolution and target separation. Complete C-Map Essentials charting is already installed, making this a powerful tool for navigation whether hunting for a local marina, fishing spot or heading across the bay to a distant destination. $549;
Point 65N Rum Runner 12.5 SUP
Stand-up Paddle is the rage, but the boards don’t fit so well aboard boats. Check out these modular SUPS that assemble and disassemble like Legos for easy storage on board. The rotomolded plastic boards are stable and feature a retractable fin and watertight compartment for your valuables. $1,099,
Lowrance HDS Gen3
At first the price looks stiff, but then you peel back the layers. The brightest, clearest touch screen available, positive touch response buttons, too. Built in fishing charts and a nearly unlimited selection of marine charts from all major vendors are available for a modest fee and an easy direct download via built-in wifi from the GoFree store. Built-in CHIRP sonar, built-in StructureScan sidescanning sonar for painting a wide, fish-finding swath under your boat and total boat control via connectivity to iDrive trolling motors giving you station-keeping, route planning and more for setting up your casting spot or trolling run. It comes in 7-, 9- and 12-inch models for $1249, $2049 and $3149 respectively.
SunBrite TV
Dad might love to watch the game aboard his boat! SunBriteTV makes outdoor televisions perfect for boat use. Thanks to unique weatherproofing technology, they’re completely protected from moisture, fully resistant to salt corrosion and equipped to provide a bright and clear image in any temperature or lighting condition. Available in sizes from 32 to 65 inches. Starting at $1,495;
Highfield Classsic 260
Give Dad a dandy dinghy! Highfield’s Classic 260 features Highfield’s lightweight powder-coated aluminum hull for a tender that is easy to handle on and off the boat. Its 8’6″ length overall makes this a perfect all-around tender. $2,328 with PVC tubes and $3,530 with tubes made of CSM;

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