2016 Father's Day Gift Guide

Find the best boating and fishing gifts for dad this Father's Day.

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
2016 Father's Day Gift GuideDesigned by Freepik

Trying to find the perfect boating or fishing gift for Father's Day? Our gift guide features a number of great ideas that are sure to make Dad's day. They cover everything from boating to fishing and tech gadgets to apparel. With our Father's Day gift guide, you're sure to find the right present for your dad.

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Water-Friendly Footwear: Crocs Swiftwater Collection

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Lightweight, comfortable and water-friendly.Crocs

If Dad gets tired of wet shoes, get him a pair of the new Swiftwater sandals from Crocs. They are lightweight, comfortable and water-friendly, perfect for the boat, as well as wading and hiking. The Croslite foam construction gives Pops all of the cushion he needs. These sandles also dry fast, and if they gets muddy or sandy, you can just hose them off. The adjustable heel strap gives Dad get a secure fit. $44.99, crocs.com.

Icom IC-M25

Icom IC-M25
Flashes in water.Icom America

Dad's gonna love this! The IC-M25 has a flashing light feature that activates when the radio hits water, even if the power is off! If you drop this floating radio overboard, it's easier to find than ever, day or night. $159.99, westmarine.com; icomamerica.com

Life-Saving Present: ACR GlobalFIX V4 EPIRB

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, safety light
High-intensity LED strobe alerts.ACR

Make sure Dad gets home even in a catastrophe with the GlobalFIX V4 from ACR. This new EPIRB is one of the most compact and affordable on the market today. Weighing 27 ounces (without bracket), the 8.13-inch tall EPIRB features a user-replaceable battery that lasts 10 years and has an operational life of 48 hours. The powerful 406 MHz distress alert, 121.5 MHz homing capability, an integrated 66-channel GPS and a high-intensity LED strobe alerts rescue personnel anywhere in the world. It is available with a Class I bracket with auto or manual deployment or a Class II bracket requiring manual release. $369.95, thegpsstore.com

Keep Life Jackets Handy with a Kwik Tek T-Bag

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Easy access to your life jackets.Kwik Tek

Pops will love the convenience afford by a Kwik Tek T-Bag. It's designed stow life jackets under a hardtop, T-tops or Bimini top. The PFD-T4 hold four Type II life jackets; the PFD-T6 hold six, plus lots of other gear. A main compartment has a nylon zipper for easy access to the life jackets. There are two zippered compartments and three mesh pockets to organize your gear. There's also a stretch cord zig-zagging across the bottom for easy access to Dad's towels, rain gear or other items. Manufactured from durable 600-denier UV and water-resistant polyester pack cloth. $62.99 for the PFD-T4, $72.99 for the PFD-T6; westmarine.com

Sole Mate: SeaDek Dual Density Helm Station Pad

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Brushed texture provides traction, whether wet or dry.SeaDek

If Dad's legs and back aren't what they used to be, treat him to SeaDek Dual Density Helm Station Pad. An 18mm low-density foam bottom absorbs shock and reduces fatigue, while a 3mm medium-density top layer with a brushed texture provides traction, whether wet or dry. Thanks to six heavy-duty hook-and-loop (aka Velcro) fasteners, Dad can easily remove the pad in order to access hatches or even transfer the pad to another vessel. Testing by SeaDek indicates that the Dual Density Helm Mat is 50 percent softer than SeaDek's original single-density helm pad and requires 60 percent less force to compress, which translates to a more comfortable sole. It's available in five popular color combos. $119.95, seadek.com.

Marinized Mobile Device: Seal 8 Marine Tablet

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Works in the absence of cell service or Wi-Fi.Bak USA

If Pops likes to take his tablet on the boat, get him the Seal 8 marine tablet from Bak USA. This rugged marinized LED touch-screen Android-based tablet features built-in GPS that works in the absence of cell service or Wi-Fi, and is submersible to one meter. The 1.6-pound tablet will float with single buoyant wrist strap. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and shock, the Seal 8 sports a rubberized case and uses Windows 8.1 and 10 with an Intel Quadcore processor. With speeds up to 1.33 GHz, it has front and back camera lens, a fingerprint reader, a barcode scanner, and ports for 2.0 and micro USB, micro HDMI, headphones, and 10-pin interface for docking. Starting at $499 (add $100 for LTE 4G), bakusa.com

Powerful Display: Simrad GO5 XSE

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Charting page combines crucial navigation data and charts into one display.Simrad

Any boating dad would like to have the Simrad GO5 XSE, a full-featured stand-alone marine chartplotter/fishfinder packed into a compact, easy-to-use display. It features a super-bright multi-touch display, internal GPS receiver, StructureScan HD and CHIRP sonar, autopilot control, engine data monitoring, full audio entertainment integration with SonicHub 2, integrated wireless connectivity and the new Simrad TripIntel trip computer. Also unique to the GO5 XSE is the Cruise Charting page combines crucial navigation data and charts into one display. $419 (w/o transducer); starmarinedepot.com

Functional Fashion: Xtratuf Pelagic Boots

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, fishing boots
For the fisherman with a fashion sense.Xtratuf

If your Dad likes to likes to mix style and function, he'll grin from ear to ear when he sees the Xtratuf's limited edition 12-inch Pelagic boots. Pelagic makes lifestyle wear for anglers, and has collaborated with the iconic Xtratuf boot brand to create interior linings featuring dorado prints in blue and yellow. When Dad folds down the chocolate brown uppers (as many boating anglers do on warm days), everyone will know that he's a fisherman with a fashion sense. These lightweight boots are triple-dipped for waterproof protection. The Xtratuf signature chevron outsole design and unique rubber compound provides maximum traction on deck. $99.99, tackledirect.com

See Things Better: Steiner Commander 7x50 Binoculars

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, binoculars, boating binoculars
Neck strap included.Steiner

Dad deserves the best, and when it comes to binoculars, Steiner ranks as top of the line. Once Pops experiences the sharpness and clarity of Steiner's Commander 7x50 binocular, he'll thank you forever. The military-grade porro prism optics feature seven-time magnification with a 50-degree field of view, a perfect combination for boat use. Flexible eye cups block out interfering glare. High light transmission boosts vision after dark to help you identify distant objects at night. These binoculars weight just 37.9 ounces and include a neck strap to keep them secure in rough seas. $1,049.99, jet.com

Light ’Em Up: Lunasea Dome LED

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Designed to minimize interference with marine electronic equipment.Lunarsea Lighting

If the overhead dome light in Dad's boat has seen better days, give him a Surface Mount 6.75-inch LED dome light from Lunasea Lighting. He'll like the low-profile, smooth chrome design and the ease of installation that requires no large holes. You can get it in warm white with built-in high/low dimming or combination warm white/red lighting. Designed to minimize interference with marine electronic equipment, this bright LED dome light features a cast-aluminum housing and an on/off/on three-way toggle. The red light is powerful enough for Dad to read by. $89.99, lunasea.com

Pump You Up: Air Lift RideControl

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, towing kit
Each kit includes everything you need.AirLift

Does the rear of Pops' tow vehicle sag a bit when he hooks up the boat and trailer? Rather than buying him a new truck, get him a RideControl from Air Lift. There are kits for many popular vehicles with leaf springs, including half-ton and mini pickups, full-size and mini vans, and SUVs. RideControl adjustable air springs work with your existing leaf spring suspension to provide up to 2,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity. Dad can inflate when carrying a heavy load, deflate when riding empty. Each kit includes everything you need, and can be easily installed in two hours or less. Most require no drilling. End caps are made of an ultra high-strength nylon composite which is as strong as steel, but weighs less and is corrosion proof. $224.99 (compressor not included); streetsideauto.com

Illuminate the Depths: Glow to Go Underwater Light

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, underwater light
It is superb for crappie fishing at night.Deep Glow Technologies

Dad's who like to fish at night know the power of an underwater light. It attracts fish light moths to a flame. And few underwater lights are more potent than the Glow to Go from Deep Glow Technologies. This 12-volt LED tube is extremely bright, but also durable and shock proof. With 240 internal green LEDs that radiate light 360 degrees and a 30-foot cord that plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter-style receptacle, the Glow to Go will attract aquatic or marine life to the boat from great distances. It is superb for crappie fishing at night. It comes in convenient carrying bag, and is also great for onboard entertaining, whether dockside or spending the night in a quiet anchorage. $199.99, deepglow.com

Garmin Quatix3 GPS Marine Watch

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, garmin watch, waterproof watch
Smart phone companion.Garmin

This man-sized watch is a man-pleasing navigator, workout watch, step tracker, weather man, tide chart, solunar table reporter, smart phone companion (text and phone notifications appear on the watch) and iTunes controller. It can read Garmin wifi-capable instruments and report depth, position and if you're engines are talking to your Garmins, it let you watch engine temp, speed or anything else right on your wrist. It runs for a week or more (not hours) with the GPS running and days longer with it off. $599, buy.garmin.com

EXOXGEAR Carbon BT Speaker

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Music from this speaker fills the room.EXOGEAR

Everybody has them but not everybody makes them waterproof or makes them charge your phone or other device, or take and make calls as a high quality speaker phone. The music from it fills the room--or the cockpit or the beach blanket at the sandbar. Its a bargain. $99, ecoxgear.com/ecoxbt

Garmin VirbXE Cam

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, pov camera
Video quality is unbeatable 4K.Garmin

This is our edit staff's go-to POV camera because it's integrated dive housing makes it easy to carry and use. Its microphone works great -- unlike competitors when in waterproof housings and the video quality is unbeatable 4K. Shoot stills while shooting video and control it all with an included remote or your smartphone. Download to your phone effortlessly and upload to your favorite social network instantly. $399, virb.garmin.com/en-US/

WORX SwitchDriver Drill Driver

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, drill
Comes with the most needed bits.WORX

Gimmick or lifesaver? We used it and say the latter. Pre-drill screw holes … say for installing a rub rail, then switcharoo and the 20-volt driver zips in the screw without stripping it thanks to 16 torque settings. Quick change bit chucks allow use of hex based bits and it comes with the most needed bits, two batteries and a charger. $99, worx.com

FLIR FX Monitor

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, security camera
Two-way communication via smartphone.FLIR

This stealthy cam shoots full color and has infrared illumination to see up to 33 feet away in the dark. Two internal batteries keep it running up to four hours if power isn't available. It has two-way communication via smartphone and a 160-degree lens to monitor nearly all of any room. Livestream video, store it in the cloud or a Micro SD card. Review eight to twelve hours of events in fast forward mode to zero in on what you need. And keep an eye on it remotely via a smartphone app and cloud technology. $150, flir.com

FLIR Ocean Scout 240

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, infrared light
Use it to search and rescue or just to pick your way along dark waterways.FLIR

FLIR's handheld forward looking infrared monocle just got a lot more affordable. Use it for search and rescue or just to pick your way along dark waterways when coming to port later than usual. Infrared technology distinguishes targets only a few degrees different from surroundings. Its 240 by 180 pixel display paints targets in brilliant relieve and has a 24-degree by 18-degree viewing angle. $599, flir.com/marine

SOG Bladelight Fillet Knife

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, boating blade, boating knife
The lights are practical for filleting at the end of a long day.SOG

Read about this stainless steel blade in our June-issue BoatingLAB test report. The lights are practical for filleting at the end of a long day, The blade is a blend of stiff and flexible making easy work of softer boned fishes and its an excellent skinner. Snip line using the slot in the sheath or touch up the blade with the built-in sharpener. $70, sogknives.com

SOG Reactor

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, multi tool, blade, knife
Stands up to saltwater corrosion.SOG

Lets call it the executives tactical multi-tool. Open assist flicks the blade open instantly and lets you lock it open. Highly polished stainless steel stands up to saltwater corrosion on blade, pliers. wirecutters and frame. It includes flat and crosspoint screwdriver bits for unexpected repairs. $64, sogknives.com/reactor

Victorinox RangerGrip Boatsman Multi Tool

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, multi tool
Crafted with precision.Victorinox

This one was unavailable for awhile--to my pain after I'd lost my earlier version. Imagine my relief at its reintroduction. Few knife makers use better stainless steel. No multi-tool presents every available tool from one position and this one has screwdrivers, marlinspike, serrated blade, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, strippers, socket driver and corkscrew. We missed something, surely. $150, swissarmy.com

Victorinox Cologne

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, mens cologne
Subtle but efficiently noticeable.Victorinox

Clean, fresh, light spice and subtle but efficiently noticeable--just the statement a Swiss Army afficianado would want to make. The bottle comes in a rugged case for safe, shatterproof, spillproof travels. $78, swissarmy.com

Penn International 30 VW

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, fishing reels
It's all about the angler and the fish.Penn

Everybody who fishes wants a Penn International. Penn's new 30 VW is updated in look and features. Contrary to popular opinion, this single speed reel is geared faster than most reels' low speed and any angler can throw the strike lever and stick the fish with it. After that, its all about the angler and the fish. $499.95, pennfishing.com

Abu Garcia REVO3 Beast Reel

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, fishing reels
Tough enough for professional use.Abu Garcia

Always the purveyor of MacDaddy of levelwind baitcast reels, Abu's new REVO3 Beast lives up to its name. A tough alloy frame plus alloy sideplates with titanium coatings keep it looking good in all the elements. Seven ball bearings and a roller bearing are also stainless steel. A carbon matrix drag system and brass main gears make sure its tough enough for professional use. Its offset crank case and low profile make it meet the hand like a familiar handshake. $350, abugarcia.com

Sioeye Iris4G

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, live video camera
The easiest way in the world to stream live video.Sioeye

Want the easiest way in the world to stream live video to your friends on Twitter and Facebook? This camera is it. It took me about an hour to wade through the nuances of connecting my smartphone to it (easy access to a person at tech support) and then voila! I was ready to live stream. The cam is high def and works with an ATT or T-Mobile (Verizon to come) sim card to stream directly. It also works as a POV cam without a card. It can save your video and pictures to an SD card. Lens quality and chip are tops and the streaming video and recorded 1080 HD was stellar. $429, sioeye.com

Globalstar GSP-1700

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, satellite phone
Voice quality is tops.Globalstar

The GSP-1700 Globalstarsatellite phone is free with activation on certain airtime plans and gives the ability to communicate directly to family, friends or rescue operations should the occasion arise. The service also has quick data transfer should you want to stay digitally connected. Voice quality is tops and the lithium-ion battery gives 4 hours of talk time or 36 hours standby time. Its small, light and ready to be tucked into your emergency gear bag we boaters call "The Ditch Bag." $500, plus service plans for any budget. globalstar.com

Stingray Hyperfoil 500

Fathers Day Gift Guide Hyperfoil
Enhances boat planing performance.Marine Dynamics

Don't let Dad drag his...stern! The Stingray Hyperfoil 500 is said to enhance his boat's planing performance. The Hyperfoil features " no-drill" installation and is rated for engines between 40- and 300-hp. $99.99, basspro.com; stingrayhydrofoil.com/products

Wyoming Whiskey

Fathers Day Gift Guide  Wyoming Whiskey
Smooth, smokey, a touch of sweet.Wyoming Whiskey

BoatingLAB Director, Randy Vance is our resident whiskey expert. ( You might say he is a spirited writer!). Vance liked Wyoming Whiskey, stating: It takes special care in craftsmanship to distill a small batch bourbon. This one is 44% alcohol and it rocked two popular overproof single barrels ($40-range) back on their heels. Smooth, smokey, a touch of sweet. Serve it neat. Let it breath. Then sip it slowly $38.99, wyomingwhiskey.com/our-whiskies

SureShade RTX Pull Out Tele-Frame Shade

Fathers Day Gift Guide  SureShade
Dad can easily install this cockpit shade himself. In fact, we published a complete "how-to" here: boatingmag.com/how-to-install-sureshade-rtx-cockpit-awning. It starts at $1,700. Check it out at sureshade.com/rtx.SureShade

Related Garments

Fathers Day Gift Guide  Related Garments
Stay matched.Related Garments

Dad is busy boating. He doesn't have time to match his socks (even if he doesn't wear any!). Here's a variety of underwear and socks, matched and packaged for a weekend--or every day of the week! $75 for a three-day weekend package; more for week long packages..relatedgarments.com

Winkler Utility from Knifeart.com

Fathers Day Gift Guide
Dads love fine knives and this one is a beaut! He'll take pride in using it to cut lines or while just using it around the boat for the odd nautical chore. $450, knifeart.comknifeart.com

Fender Suspenders

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Help Dad easily attach any style of fender to his boat with Fender Suspenders. They can be adjusted to provide maximum protection and easily transfer between boats. Starting at $34.50, nauticaldesignlabs.com/shopFender Suspenders

Breitling Emergency II

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Breitling's Emergency II is the first luxury watch that also carries a dual-frequency PLB on board. It talks to Cospas-Sarsat in the case when the last thing between you and the sea is on your wrist. $15,825, breitling.comBreitling

Costa Trevally

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, sunglasses
100% UV light blockage and 100% polarization.Costa Del Mar

Make sure Dad can spot the fish while protecting his eyes with the Costa Trevally. They offer 100% UV light blockage and 100% polarization. The lightweight frame makes them easy to wear all day, and they come in a variety of colors. $239, costadelmar.com/shop

SunBrite Weatherproof TV

Fathers Day Gift Guide SunBrite TV
SunBrite's new 84-inch UHD 4K weatherproof TV resists rust and and can withstand the elements. SunBrite televisions of all sizes are installed aboard boats and in backyards everywhere. This new model runs a lot of money--however, SunBrite offers a range of weatherproof TVs for most budgets. Dad will love watching his favorite programs in the cockpit. $24,900, [www.sunbritetv.com](/SunBrite Weatherproof TV)Courtesy SunBrite TV

Tidal Roots Bluefin

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
This beautiful Stand Up Paddle Board is crafted from Cedar, making it one of the most unique SUPs in existence. It's like owning a wooden boat or classic surfboard. The Bluefin is shaped for fast, aggressive paddlers; the company crafts other boards for different personalities and also offers DIY kits. $3,600, tidalroots.comTidal Roots

Stormy Kromer Bucket Hat

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, bucket hat, boating hats
Never goes out of style.Stormy Kromer

This classic-style is made in Michigan's Upper Peninsula from 100 percent cotton twill. Protect yourself from the sun with a hat that never goes out of style. $39.99, stormykromer.com

Personal Go Fan

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Take the breeze with you, wherever you go. The Personal Go Fan is a portable, variable-speed fan capable of producing a strong chill. The lithium-ion battery lasts up to 40 hours at low speeds (3 ½ hrs at high speed). $230, personalgofan.comPersonal Go Fan

Native Eyewear Crestones

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Interchangeable lens system and a lifetime guarantee.Native Eyewear

These tough frames sport N3 polarized lenses, which block four times more infrared light than your average polarized lenses. The Crestones have an interchangeable lens system and a lifetime guarantee. $129, nativeeyewear.com

Motorola Talkabout T600 H20

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, waterproof radio
Fully-waterproof, rugged radios.Motorola

For as much as we love our mobile phones, they're typically not waterproof and they don't float. Communicate with your crew with these rugged, fully-waterproof two-way radios that have a 35-mile range. They float, and also have a water-activated flashlight so you can find them in the dark. $119.99, motorolasolutions.com

Lander Cascade Universal Power Bank (7800 mAh)

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Charge your smart phone, GoPro, or mobile electronic device with this handheld-sized charger that comes with a lanyard-equipped travel case. Anyone who brings electronics on board will appreciate this. $69.99, lander.comLander

Huk Kryptek ICON ¼ Zip

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, fishing apparel, boating apparel
Flexible spandex to keep your casting motion free and easy.Huk

This mid-layer mock zip will keep you protected from the sun and cool at the same time. It features flexible spandex to keep your casting motion free and easy while fishing, and its anti-microbial technology will keep the stank at bay. $54.99, hukgear.com

Flambeau HD Tuff Box

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, waterproof storage
Keeps your valuables safe and sound.Flambeau

This dry case offers heavy-duty, waterproof protection for your mobile electronics and valuables. The polycarbonate case with an O-ring seal keeps your valuables safe and sound on board, and the Zerust technology protects any metal components inside from oxidation. $20.48, flambeauoutdoors.com

DryFins Board Shorts

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide, board shorts
Quick-dry liner prevents chafing.DryFins

These comfortable board shorts have a quick-dry liner to prevent chafe. They're rugged enough to wear on board, yet look good enough to pass for dress shorts at a cocktail party. Two front pockets and a velcro-closing back pocket give you a place to store the wallet and the boat keys. $42, dryfins.com

Beachfront Penthouse

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
So dad's got everything? Including a bottomless bank account? Drop a cool $9.8 million (starting price) for the penthouse of the new Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale. Construction is expected to be completed in 2017, and if you have a yacht involved, the site is a few minutes away from the 60-slip Las Olas Marina. aubergebeach.comAuberge Beach Residences

Astral Brewer Boat Shoe

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Provides traction on deck.Astral Designs

This hip looking shoe is made from lightweight Cordura fabric and has built-in drainage and ventilation. It has a siping sole for traction on deck. $99.95, astraldesigns.com

Montague Allston Folding Bike

2016 Father's Day Gift Guide
Great for long range cruisers.Montague Bikes

The new Allston folding bike features a rust-proof and grease-free carbon drive rather than a traditional metal bike chain. It folds down to 36" x 28" x 12" and weighs 30-pounds, so it's great for fitting into your boat's tight stowage spaces. Great for long range cruisers looking for some pedal power to get around at their latest marina stop. $1,895, montaguebikes.com