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2017 Super Air Nautique 210 Boat Review

The longest mainstay in the line, the Super Air Nautique 210 is a legendary boat packed with all the high-end features that make it a Nautique. At exactly 21 feet, the 210 is right in the sweet spot in terms of size. It’s also available with the Nautique Surf System and can create a really fun wave on either side of the boat without moving any weight.

In terms of wakeboarding, this is one boat designed to have a clean wake no matter what type of rider is behind it. That means it’s going to be the perfect boat for a beginner riding at lower speeds with less weight, all the way up to an expert who wants more weight and higher speeds

From a consumer standpoint, the 210 is designed for someone who likes boats in that 21-foot range and wants all the fit and finish of a Nautique with more classic wakeboat styling. It’s one of the more price-conscious boats in the Nautique line, so for someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice owning anything but a Nautique, this is a great option.

LOA: 21' | Beam: 98" | Dry Weight: 4,200 lb. | Seating Capacity: 12 | Fuel Capacity: 37 gal. | nautique.com


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