2019 Boat Buyers Guide

Boating Magazine's 2019 Boat Buyers Guide features the top new boats on the market. Find all of the new boat reviews, boat pictures and boat videos.


Boating’s Boat Buyers Guide provides you with many of the tools you need to help you buy your next new boat primarily with your head. (Primarily, because if you’re not throwing longing glances at your boat when nobody’s looking, you’ve also made a bad choice.) We hope you’ll add these tools to your ability to compare, your ability to assess your circumstances, and your other buying abilities. Equipped with our up-to-date certified performance-test data, pricing and specifications, you can make your next boat purchase with greater confidence and go into the process with a practical outlook rather than an emotional one. We’re sure of it.


Download the digital version of the 2019 Boat Buyers Guide, here.

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