3 Wakeboards Under $300

Three choices for a great beginner wakeboard.

Now that you've got your kids hooked on wakeboarding, how are you going to make sure they won't reel you in on high-end, expensive boards? You can't. They're kids, after all. But you can beat them to the punch by selecting a great beginner wakeboard from the same companies that make the top boards used by the pros on tour.

CWB Surge

Built with an aggressive continuous rocker line, long-based molded fins and stretched channels that extend throughout the midsection of the board, the Surge helps teach proper edge control, body positioning and stability. Essentials: $299.99 (w/ Seven bindings); www.ridecwb.com

Hyperlite State 125

The State is shaped differently from edge to edge, helping a rider compensate for the awkwardness of launching or landing a wake jump. A subtle three-stage rocker provides a great pop off the wake while remaining a smooth carver. Essentials: $275 (blank), $325 (w/ Vario bindings); www.hyperlite.com

Liquid Force Nemesis

A gradual continuous rocker, rounded tips and mellow molded-in fins make the Nemesis very gentle for newbies. But the design also eases the transition from riding to ripping. In either a 111, 118 or 124 cm size, it's the perfect starter kit. Essentials: $299.99 (w/ Domain bindings); www.liquidforce.com