Accon Marine Lifting Eyes

Accon Marine's Lifting Eyes are perfect for boats needing crane lifts.

Accon Marine

With the race and poker run seasons heating up, some performance boaters might be interested in lifting eyes so their boats can be picked up by a crane. Accon Marine's Round Lifting Eye and Extra-Large Round Lifting Eye are perfect hardware for this task.

Both models feature eyes and bases constructed of 316 stainless steel, while the lifting hardware is 304 stainless steel. The sling is solid casting for increased strength. Standard rod length is 12" with customization available.

The Round Lifting Eye only requires a 2-3/8" diameter hole for installation. It fastens with four #10 screws. The maximum working load is 4,000 pounds in the direction of the axis of the threaded rod shank only. It retails for $262.98.

The Extra-Large version needs a 3-1/4" diameter cutout and is secured with four 1/4" screws. In independent lab testing with grade 8 bolts, the bolts failed at 36,000 lbs. while the Extra-Large Lifting Eye still worked. The Extra-Large Lifting Eye is $441.42 and parts may be purchased separately.

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