All Aboard Boats: Antifouling Comparison Part 4A - Why We Test Stuff

How have the products lived up to their claims?

Easy On Bottom Coating is rated for season-long protection in fresh water — but just a week in salt water. Adhere to those guidelines, and any fouling that latches onto your hull is said to easily clean off. You don't say?

To really test this product, I left the test panel immersed in salt water for twice the recommended time without scrubbing: two whole weeks. You can see what it looked like after such a long soak in the brine — it’s the far section of the panel in this shot.

But after a few swipes with a simple scrub brush, it came clean as a whistle, as this picture shows.

This last shot shows the uncoated edge of the panel, where barnacles have begun to grow. I can tell you from experience that those critters don’t come off with a simple scrubbing. I rate Easy-On an A-plus for exceeding its marketing claims.