An Outboard-Powered Foiling Catamaran

July 18, 2017

Talk about shaft length! Whoa!

Dave Reed, Editor at sister magazine, Sailing World, shot these images of what appears to be an outboard-powered foiling catamaran. The mystery vessel was spotted in Bristol, Rhode Island, early this morning. Could America’s Cup sailing technology be melding with leading edge outboard technology?

Foiling Cat with Outboards
What appears to be super long shaft outboard motors installed on a hydrofoil catamaran. Hmmmmmm….. who could be running this project? Note the black tarps covering the powerheads Dave Reed

We are trying to find out and will report more information when we have it.


Takeaway Never approach a dock faster than you want to hit it.

Another view of this mystery hydrofoil with twin outboard power.
Another view of this mystery hydrofoil with twin outboard power Dave Reed
Close up of foiling cat outboards
Cropped-in view of super long shaft outboards installed aboard a foiling cat Dave Reed

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