Behind the Scenes: Costa Fish Sculptures

See how one of the coolest fish sculptures is made.

Sometimes advertising campaigns, if they’re creative enough, extend beyond their commercial intent into pop culture (remember “Just Do It” and “Where’s the Beef?”). In the marine world at least, Costa Del Mar’s sunglass fish sculptures have done just that. The sunglass maker tasked its advertising agency, McGarrah Jessee, with creating a new campaign; creative director Tim Cole came up with the idea to build sculptures out of sunglass parts. “We were looking at the pieces,” Cole recalled, “and said, ‘That arm looks like the jaw of a fish; the lens looks like a scale.”

Using Costa’s 580 lenses and other parts, Cole and sculptor Mark Borow of McConnell & Borow built a blue marlin, largemouth bass and tarpon. The results, as you can see in the photo above, are eye-opening.


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