Behind The Scenes of the Great Frisbee Boat Catch

Ultimate enthusiast Brodie Smith Describes how he pulled off this cool frisbee video that went viral.

January 19, 2012

ON BOARD WITH…Brodie Smith, Frisbee Boat Stunt Dude

Brodie Smith is an ultimate Frisbee fanatic who spends his free time trying to pull off insane trick shots. Mission accomplished: In Australia he and his crew succeeded in jumping off a boat to catch a frisbee thrown from a six-story bridge. Here’s how they pulled it off. –Pete McDonald

So what is Everything Ultimate? Do you just try to think up crazy tricks to do with frisbees?


Everything-Ultimate is actually the business I run where our mission is to spread and grow the sport Ultimate Frisbee. We travel around the world running camps and clinics and the trick shots is just a fun one to get people interested about it all.

Where did you come up with the idea for the bridge throw?

We actually went to McDonald’s the night before and started brainstorming ideas to do around Perth. The How Ridiculous were like we have a boat to use if we want and I was like let’s just launch one off the bridge!


How did you pick who got to jump out of the boat?

Well the idea at first was to just have them catch it in the boat. The driver got close enough to the frisbee where Derek felt like he could make the catch so he just jumped off and did it. Really spur of the moment.

The driver had some pretty impressive boat handling. How did you coordinate with him?


I had told him prior to throwing it what the frisbee was going to do and I threw one test throw so he could see the flight pattern. He picked up on it very quickly and was able to get close enough to the frisbee for Derek to make the catch.

How difficult was that stunt?

It would be very difficult to replicate that exact stunt.


Any other plans to do any extreme frisbee tricks from boats?

We have a few more tricks up our sleeve. You will just have to follow us on to see more craziness.


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