Certain categories of marine accessories markedly improve boating safety, comfort and convenience. Moreover, we interact with this gear just about every time we go aboard our boats. Leaving port without an anchor constitutes poor seamanship. We can’t think of a boater that would decry better visibility from the helm. A poor wiper setup can leave you blind at the wheel, but the right boat windshield wipers make running your boat safer and less stressful, whether they are clearing rain or spray. Lighting? Cabin lights, cockpit lights, indirect lights, accent lights …. boat lighting ranks as a great way to add safety, utility and an upscale look to your boat. And, thanks to LED technology, you can add, or retrofit, lights to your boat in a wide array of styles and colors and fixture types, all which consume very little energy.

Lighting, windlasses, wipers and seating represent some of the most important marine accessory categories - most would agree that boating would not be the same without them. That’s why the editors at Boating have teamed up with the experts at Imtra to bring you advice on how to make the most of these products and when to consider them. Here, you’ll find all of this and even some tips on making your boating experience safer and let’s face it, more fun! 

Imtra has been a leader in the recreational marine market for nearly 70 years. Boat builders, boat yards and owners turn to Imtra for their quality brands and deep industry experience. From innovative LED lighting solutions to wiper systems, windlasses, thrusters, helm chairs and more, Imtra has the equipment and expertise to create a complete system solution.

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California Sales, Dick Davidson, shares the pros and cons of horizontal and vertical windlasses. 


Check out the comprehensive range of switches and outlets from Vimar with Imtra's lighting product manager, TJ Orr. 

Maintaining an Even Keel

Imtra's Peter Nolet dives into the range of Side-Power thrusters and what boats each is suited for.



Boating Safety