Boat Show Shopping Then And Now

We've always been on the cutting edge.

Since its Thursday, I'm throwing back to 1976. The place is the New York National Boat Show, then held at the New York Coliseum. The "what" is the computer we installed at the show, capable of displaying a rudimentary-by-today's-standards database of boats and motors for sale.

Today, there are refrigerator's with more computing power than the dumb terminal shown in the picture. What hasn't changed is our commitment to helping boaters make the best boat buying decisions with our boat tests, in-depth feature articles and special boat show coverage via this website, enews, social media and yes, that stalwart of "old tech" that has long been on the cutting edge, Boating Magazine.

Takeaway: Steve Wozniak sold the first personal computer, the Apple I, in kit form, as early as 1975.