Boating Magazine’s Bermuda Challenge

The Bermuda Challenge is a 780-mile open ocean run from New York Harbor to Gates Fort, Bermuda.

Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin crossed the finish line in Bermuda at 12:39 a.m. ADT on August 22, 2013, setting a new record of 15 hours and 48 minutes!

Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin set a Bermuda Challenge record on August 5, 2012. Learn the history of this boating challenge, and watch video of Chris Fertig testing the Statement Marine 37 prior to attempting the run.

Fabio Buzzi and his crew set a Bermuda Challenge record on September 28, 2012. Watch as they celebrate the new record in Bermuda.


Fertig and Garvin Set Another Bermuda Challenge Record
At 12:30 a.m. ADT August 22, 2013, 15 hours after powering past the Statue of Liberty, Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin roared into Bermuda’s Town Cut Channel aboard their Cummins diesel powered Skater 399 and set a new Bermuda Challenge record…for the second time in just about a year. Read More >>

Fabio Buzzi Sets New Bermuda Challenge Record
On September 28, 2012, Fabio Buzzi and his crew set a new Bermuda Challenge record of 17 hours and 6 minutes aboard a boat of his own design. Read More >>

New Bermuda Challenge Record Set
At 8:09 AM Bermuda Time – 7:09 AM EST, Sunday, Aug 5 2012, Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin aboard Mercury Diesel TDI, a Statement Marine 37, set a new Bermuda Challenge Record of 21 hours and 39-minutes. Read More >>


Bermuda Challenge
Will a new record be set? “I’m drawing a line in the sand. Fine pink sand. On a beach in Bermuda.” David Seidman, then editor of Boating magazine December 1996 – When David Seidman uttered the words above, the sport of boating was at an all-time high, and quality demands from customers were making boat and engine builders step up to meet them. What is the Bermuda Challenge? Read More >>

Wild Blue Yonder
Could we run non-stop from New York City to Bermuda? Could you? December 1996 – I’m drawing a line in the sand. Fine pink sand. On a beach in Bermuda. And I bet you can’t cross it. In fact, I bet you can’t even get near it. I’ll wager that if your boat is under 40′, and not a trawler or some other ploddingly slow cruiser, you won’t be able to reach where I’m standing. Not even close. Read more >>

Beating The Triangle
Who’s fastest to Bermuda? We dared all comers and this cat was the pick of the litter. November 1999 – This past summer, on July 17, a small boat entered St. George’s Harbour in Bermuda, adding an emphatic period to the slash of an exclamation point that was made three years before. In 1996 a Glacier Bay 260 Canyon Runner with twin Honda 90s was the first outboard to make the 700-plus mile run to Bermuda – doing it in 37 hours. Now a second boat, a World Class 266SF powered by twin Mercury OptiMax 150s, had also done it – cutting the running time by seven and a half hours. Read more >>


East of the Stream
Another catamaran has won the Bermuda Challenge. Does that tell you something? November 2002 – There have been six attempts to set a new record for Boating Magazine’s Bermuda Challenge – a 760-mile dash to a tiny speck in the Atlantic Ocean barely 16 miles long and 4 miles wide. So far, only three boats have completed the journey, and they’ve all been outboard-powered catamarans. Read more >>