Boating News Of The Day

We cover the latest on an invasive species boating bill, and mooring rights in today's boating news.

News: An Invasive Species Boating Bill
The Minnesota House of Representatives passed an Invasive Species Boating Bill, reports the StarTribune. Should the bill pass through the state Senate, Minnesota's boaters would have to pass an invasive species prevention course before they could trailer their boats to other bodies of water. The idea is to stop the spread of invasives such as zebra mussel and plants such as milfoil.

See how Illinois residents are combating the invasive Asian carp.

News: Boater Gets a Mooring Ticket
The city of St. Augustine, Florida, is trying to get boaters to pay for mooring in its waters, but according to this article the first person to get a ticket is challenging it. Should boaters have free mooring rights in public waters?

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