Boating News of the Day

A Lego Nautique, more evidence against ethanol E15 and a reminder to register your EPIRB.

Lego boat
Lego NautiqueNautique

Nautique Shows Off A Lego Ski Boat

Nautique, the ski boat builder, showed off a Lego version of one of its ski boats on display at Legoland in Florida. The builder has been supplying real boats to Legoland for its giant freaky Lego-people ski show. It only makes sense that a Lego ski boat was to follow.

New Questions Raised About E15 Fuel and Boats

Soundings Trade Only featured a report about a study that found durability issues with engines running E15 fuel. This magazine has taken a stand against ethanol fuel blends, and this new evidence only further supports our argument.


Register Your EPIRB

From our sister publication Sport Fishing, Chris Woodward reminds us why it's important to **register our emergency beacons**, be it an EPIRB or a PLB. These safety tools are getting smaller and better and should be must-have for any bluewater boater.