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A Lego Nautique, more evidence against ethanol E15 and a reminder to register your EPIRB.

May 18, 2012
Lego boat
Lego Nautique Nautique

Nautique Shows Off A Lego Ski Boat

Nautique, the ski boat builder, showed off a Lego version of one of its ski boats on display at Legoland in Florida. The builder has been supplying real boats to Legoland for its giant freaky Lego-people ski show. It only makes sense that a Lego ski boat was to follow.

How To Ski Barefoot** **


New Questions Raised About E15 Fuel and Boats

Soundings Trade Only featured a report about a study that found durability issues with engines running E15 fuel. This magazine has taken a stand against ethanol fuel blends, and this new evidence only further supports our argument.

**Taking A Stand Against Ethanol**

Swoosh! Swooosh

Register Your EPIRB

From our sister publication Sport Fishing, Chris Woodward reminds us why it’s important to **register our emergency beacons**, be it an EPIRB or a PLB. These safety tools are getting smaller and better and should be must-have for any bluewater boater.

**How To Choose An Emergency Beacon**


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