Boating News of the Day

Lower gas prices, the true cost of boat ownership and the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour kicks off.

News: Government Lowers Gas Price Estimates
In a bit of good news for boaters, the government lowered it's estimated average for summer gas prices by 16 cents, according to the article from Sounding Trade Only. The new estimate is just a cent below the record average of $3.80 in 2008, but the fact that it's not going to be higher should help those trailering and cruising in their boats.

News: MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Kicks Off
The first event on the pro wakeboard tour is scheduled for Friday, May 18, at Lake Allatoona in Acworth, Georgia. See the full event schedule from our sister publication,_ TransWorld Wakeboarding_.

How Expensive Is Boating
Thinking about buying a boat? Trying to figure out how it will fit financially? Try this cost comparison calculator from Discover Boating to figure out the real cost of boat ownership.