Boating News of the Day

Boating rage, safer boating amidst commercial vessels and sonar causing marine mammal hearing loss make up today's boating news.

News: Boat Rage on the Rise?
The Sentinel and Enterprise from Fitchburg, MA, has an article posted on the rise in boat rage. Is this a real thing? The article lists several cases where one boat deliberately attempted to run over another, among other acts of rage. Weird, because usually people get on boats to get away from it all.

News: Coast Guards "Operation Clear Channel"
In major shipping areas, such as New York Harbor, the dangers of boating amidst commercial vessels is all too real (See this Duck Boat crash video). The Coast Guard is trying to make people understand, when you see a large ship in the channel, leave the area.

News: Navy Sonar and Explosions Could Hurt Wildlife
A Naval study shows that sonar use and explosives testing could cause hearing loss and other damage to marine mammals and other sea life, according to this news report.