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A giant floating city, Guy Harvey conservation and Swamp People tragedy are all part of today's boating news.

May 15, 2012

News: Guy Harvey Coffee Mug Rescued From the Depths
The famed fishing and marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey posted a photo on Facebook of one of his coffee mugs “rescued” from a reef, 65-feet underwater off Grand Cayman. Cool picture and a good reminder of Harvey’s conservation efforts.

Saving Sea Grass

News: A Lawless Floating Business Barge?
Paypal Founder Peter Thiel has proposed building a giant floating city where entrepreneurs from around the globe can buy in and work, without the constraints of being associated with any particular country. The offshore luxury barge, called “Blueseed”, would be a floating city off the coast of California.


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News: “Swamp People” Cast Member Dies on His Boat
There aren’t too many shows on television that focus on people using their boats, but Swamp People on the History Channel is one. So it was sad to learn of the passing of one of the reality show’s participants yesterday. Mitchell Guist, one of the show’s gator hunters, died after falling in his boat, according to news reports. Here’s a video of Mitchell and his brother Glenn, doing what they loved:


Crocodile Rock


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