Boating In Rough Water

Deep-V boats power through chop.

Formula 350 CBR

It's no surprise that giga-sized bowriders, like this Formula 350 CBR, are becoming all the rage. With lots of deadrise and plenty of waterline length, they allow you to enjoy boating--or at least go boating--when the wind is up and the water is choppy. Deep-V hulls do require more fuel to push them to the same speeds as flatter-bottomed equivalents. But in my view, it's a price worth paying, After all, what cost do you assign to a canceled day on the water if you show up at the dock and the flags are snapping?

Check out this Formula making 40 knots in 20 knots of wind and a stiff, whitecapped chop. Then add your comments below.

Takeaway: A deep-V hull is one with 20 or more degrees of deadrise at the transom. Boats with less than 20-degrees of deadrise are properly termed modified V.