BBlades B-Stow Spare Prop Mount

BBlades B-Stow makes it easy to store a spare propeller.

BBlades B-Stow

Having a spare propeller can mean the difference between putting your boat on the trailer and having a great weekend on the water. But storing that spare propeller on board isn’t always convenient. Props are sharp and heavy. BBlades B-Stow is a marine accessory that offers an easy solution to this dilemma. It’s a rugged solid propeller mount that can be installed in your bilge or boathouse. Made out of 6061T6 aluminum, the B-Stow is 6.5” tall with a 5.75” diameter base and it can accommodate a propeller up to 15.75” in diameter. The standard B-Stow retails for $69.95, while the version with mounting hardware and a propeller nut retails for $99.99.