Boating’s 2013 Digital Boat Buyers Guide

Find your perfect boat with Boating's 2013 Boat Buyers Guide.

February 26, 2013

Find the best boat for you with Boating’s 2013 Boat Buyers Guide. Get behind the wheel of more than three dozen of the year’s best runabouts, pontoon boats and fishing boats through expert reviews, editor walkthrough videos, in-depth test data and interactive photo galleries. Once you pinpoint your dream boat, take the next step with the Boat Buyers Guide’s built-in dealer locators and connectivity tools. Start your search right now!

Narrow Your Search
Our experts explore the advantages of runabouts, pontoons and fishing boats, helping you figure out where you fit in on the water.

Get The Expert Opinion
Our team of boating experts boasts decades of experience on the water. Tap into that expertise through reviews of all 37 models.


Go Along For The Ride
Walk through every model with Boating editors as they drive, test and explore this year’s best performers and top innovations.

Take A Closer Look
Full-screen photos and interactive photo galleries help you explore every model inside and out.

See How They Performed
Explore the results of our expert tests and see how every boat measured up on the water.


Take The Next Step
After Boating‘s editors have helped you pinpoint the best models for you, schedule a test drive with built-in dealer locators and connectivity tools.

Explore it all for free on any device, from your desktop and laptop to your smartphone and tablet. Experience it right now!


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