Century 2102

Deal of the Century.

They Cast: The Century 2102 Inshore is a bay boat that's efficient and fast, fishes hard, and handles tougher conditions than an average bay boat.

We Cast: This 21'8"-by-8'6" boat is perfect for bay anglers who want a turnkey machine -- load on your rods and tacklebox, and head out. The forward stowage compartment is huge, sized for three deep-cycle batteries, so you can put in a whopping 36-volt model without using up your stowage. Want to haul eight rods and reels? Want to keep them protected? No problem, thanks to bow stowage boxes long enough to house your finest casting gear. And once you drag a few fish over the side, you'll appreciate the bowdeck's insulated fishbox. Stow drinks and snacks in a 94-quart cooler that slides under the leaning post. Extra bonus: Century had the good sense to mount stowage nets under the aft deck. This boat also sports dual livewells, an 18-gallon well in the aft deck, and a 12-gallon well forward. Want to take full advantage of this boat's long legs and wave-eating 14.5-degree transom deadrise? Then good thing the 2102 has a 55-gallon fuel tank. You could up the ante and run like the wind with 225 horses on the transom, but rigged like our test boat with a four-stroke Yamaha 150, you'll blast into the 40s and cruise in the 30s while burning a mere 7.7 gallons.

Who Will Fish It? Anglers who want a bay boat that can make long runs -- now!

Another Choice: Sailfish's 2100 Bay Boat goes for about $1,000 more with the same power; it has more deadrise at 17 degrees but weighs 250 pounds more than the Century.

The Numbers: $36,200.

Contact: 850/769-0311, www.centuryboats.com.