Cigarette Top Fish 39

Cigarette Racing (, a name ubiquitous with the go-fast world of offshore racing and the Miami Vice era, is making the leap into fishing boats with its new Top Fish 39. Cigarette's are usually built for one purpose: Speed. And what type of fishing lends itself to that? Tournament kingfishing, so the Top Fish 39 is going in with the Donzis and Fountains of the world in the Southern Kingfish Association ( circuit. The Top Fish differs from its racing siblings in that it has a 22-degree deadrise, a10' beam and is powered by triple or quadruple outboards. It ain't cheap. Right now it's going for about $425,000 with triple Mercury 275-hp Verados. Stay tuned for a future boat test on, as well as in the pages of Boating. Only there will you get this boat's high and lows, as well as direct comparisons to the competition.