Cobalt 242

It stuck hard in turns, while I enjoyed the forces and felt securely positioned thanks to the hip-grabbing captain’s chair with the flip-up bolster.

December 20, 2010

I loved it from the first look. With the quick flip of a fiberglass step, the swim step platform drops down into the water, nearly negating the need for a swim ladder while creating a wet “cool seat.” Sure, there’s a ladder too — but with this unique option, you can ease yourself in and out of the water without even using the ladder.

But the 242 is cool enough even without this transom upgrade. Step inside and the fiberglass liner sole is covered in a sisal/vinyl mat rather than carpet. But the look is more luxurious and, I’ll bet, easier to clean with a hose at the end of the day.

One thing I always expect Cobalt to deliver is a crisp ride, smooth over wakes and graceful in hard-over turns. In fact, JD Power rated the company No. 1 in ride comfort. With the big block and dual-prop drive, I stuck hard in the turns, enjoying the forces and grabbing nothing for security — thanks to the hip-grabbing captain’s chair with the flip-up bolster. The ease of monitoring engine functions was enhanced by the digital gauges and low-glare leather-look padded dash with a sun brow. The binnacle was smooth as silk.


Forward long lounges tuck away when not needed with easy access to storage beneath. Cobalt also installs premium marine stereos in its boats, and this one featured iPod and MP3 interfaces, so the tunes coming from the speakers through the amp are all yours in your order.

Cobalt’s proven building process is further enhanced by the low turnover of its line employees. Many have been with the company since its inception in 1968, and that means experience gained is moved forward every new model year. Our difficulty in locating flaws on board attests to the employees’ efficacy and probably helps a ton in that love-at-firstsight feeling that boat owners seek.

Extra Points
Durable, highly polished stainless deck hardware means years of reliable good looks.


Stainless grab rails are positioned for comfort and security.

Optional sisal mat sole covering is removable for easy cleaning.

Digital instruments allowed us to monitor fuel flow for maximum range.


Test Drive
» Test Engine: Volvo Penta 8.1 GI Dual Prop

» Test Prop: F-6 Propset

» Test Load: People (235 LB.); Fuel (20 GAL.)


» Top Speed: 56.7 MPH @ 4,500 RPM

» Time to Plane: 3.3 sec.

» Time to 30 MPH: 7.7 sec.

» Minimum Planing Speed: 17 MPH @ 2,500 RPM, 8 GPH, 3.5 MPG

Vital Stats
» Length Overall: 23’11”

» Beam: 8’6″

» Dry Weight: 4,600 LB.
» Seating/Weight Capacity:** 13/2,250 LB.

» Fuel Capacity: 50 GAL.

» Max HP: 430

» MSRP: $75,609 (base)

» NMMA Certified


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