A Day in the Park

The Parker 23 SE is a serious contender

There's a huge difference between running an inlet and running through shallow water. Want to be able to do both? By combining a moderate 14-degree transom deadrise with a 45-degree forefoot under a sweeping carolina flared bow, Parker Marine's new 23 SE center console makes this tricky balancing act look easy. Draft is only 10", but that sharp entry slices waves like a Ginsu knife through Jell-O.

A modified V-bottom like this runs best with trim tabs, which allow you to control which part of the hull hits the waves first. So Parker rigs the 23 SE with 11"-by-1'2" recessed tabs. Putting those tabs to work enables you to get this boat on plane at a mere 12 mph, making rough-water travel that much smoother.

The fuel-injected 200-hp Yamaha outboard on our test boat is a good match for the 23 SE, turning in a top end of 39.8 mph at 5300 rpm with three people aboard and a full 110 gallons of fuel. Construction and layout are rock solid and simple. The hull bottom is solid fiberglass, cleats and bow lights are flush, and the boat's large console offers a 2'6"-wide electronics box with stowage underneath. The leaning post holds a livewell, and there's a raw-water washdown. The giant cockpit forward of the console is nearly 50 square feet; the aft cockpit is almost 35.


Parker 23 SE Test Boat Power: Single 200-hp Yamaha two-stroke V-6 outboard with 158.4 cid, 3.54" bore x 2.68" stroke, swinging a 15 1/4" x 17" three-bladed ss prop through a 1.86:1 reduction. Advertised fuel capacity 110 gallons. Range based on 90 percent of that figure. Performance tested with three persons onboard, full fuel. Sound levels taken at the helm, in dB-A.

If you want maximum adaptability, tough construction, and classic looks, the 23 SE is a serious contender. As tested, it goes for $34,748.