Epic 23E

The Epic 23E is the world's first hybrid wake boat.

Engage in a conversation with the R&D guys at Epic and their partners at Flux Propulsion, and you think: "Wow! You can do that?" When a company is free to do its own thing, not only can they do it, they will.

That willingness to experiment comes to fruition with the 23E, the first hybrid gas-electric wakeboard boat. The groundwork was laid with Epic's maiden model, the 23V. By using a resin fusion process that eliminates excess material, Epic finished the original 23 at a svelte 3,200 pounds. What do you do with a boat so light? Enter the smart guys.

They decided to let it carry 4,000 pounds of stock ballast and one really big idea. The heavy battery system that's prevented other companies from experimenting with hybrid gas-electric power? Bring 'em on.

The same experts at Flux who design hybrid drive systems for buses and vans developed a marine unit that can run for one hour on electric power at wakeboard speeds in the low 20s — with the only noise coming from the transom-mounted speakers. When the monitor on the dash says the system is losing juice, you switch back to fuel mode.

We're told the first 23E models will be ready for delivery by the end of summer.

Vital Stats * Length Overall: 22'9" * Beam: 8'2" * Seating: 14