Formula 270 BR

Formula’s new 270 BR is a boat that welcomed our close scrutiny. The closer we looked, the more we were impressed.

November 10, 2008

Most new boats look good from a distance. But the true test of quality takes place up close, when you start lifting hatches and looking at the backsides of access panels.

Formula’s new 270 BR is a boat that welcomed our close scrutiny. The closer we looked, the more we were impressed. The model that showed up at our tests was actually the factory prototype, which you’d expect to have a few rough edges. But even it showed the same attention to detail that has earned Formula a reputation as one of America’s premier luxury-performance boat builders.

The company’s performance heritage and rock-solid construction go hand in hand — when you build things that go fast, you have to make sure they hold together. Everywhere we looked, we found that extra effort that sets a premium product aside from the fleet. The hull and all-molded surfaces showed the smooth shimmer that can come only from meticulous mold maintenance, hardware was studiously and sturdily affixed, and areas not often seen were finished in premium gel coats.


Overall, this new model is actually more about style than speed, though it did hit 48 mph wide open. But there’s more to performance than just top end, and this is where the 270 BR displays its Formula heritage. It’s a big-water boat that rides on a 22-degree V-hull, leaving the passengers neither shaken nor stirred.

Formula 270 BR
Formula 270 BR Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Key Note: Formula is often synonymous with performance, but we think the 270 is more about class and durability, with its strength in midrange speeds.

Standout Features
• Upholstery uses multidensity foam and extensive sculpting to create a luxurious ride.
• Well-balanced hull design means trim tabs are needed only to compensate for wind or uneven loads.
• Attention to detail and overall quality are among the best on the market.


Vital Stats
* Length Overall: 27′
* Beam: 8’6″
* Dry Weight: 6,200 lb.
* Fuel Capacity: 100 gal.
* Maximum HP: 375
* MSRP (test boat w/ Volvo 8.1 Gi): $132,465
* NMMA Certified: Yes

Test Drive
* Test Engine: Volvo 8.1 Gi
* Test Prop: F5 Duoprop
* Test Load: People (250 lb.); Fuel (40 gal.)
* Top Speed: 48.2 mph @ 4,600 rpm
* Time to Plane: 4.4
* Time to 30 MPH: 7.9 sec.
* Minimum Planing Speed: 18 mph @ 2,500 rpm


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