Formula 350 Sun Sport

Performance meets panache aboard this sporty overnighter.

The life span of a high-quality boat, like Formula’s 350 Sun Sport, is measured in decades. It’s a classic case of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole. Check out the beefy windshield supports. Then examine the hull-to-deck joint: It’s through-bolted and chemically bonded. Note the Sunbrella fabrics, which are undercoated with SeaMark vinyl. All of these items are made to stand up to the marine environment for years on end.

The same goes for the things you can’t see. The stringer grid is cored with pressure-treated Perma Panel, and cavities are filled with foam. You can feel the structural solidity underfoot when you open up the 8.2 liter MerCruisers and crush two-foot waves like they were ripples on a pond.

The Formula 350 Sun Sport has a softer side too. Choose from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Bahama interiors, opt for designer graphics, or outfit it with blue underwater LED lighting. A must-have is the Axius system option ($16,120). Axius brings joystick control to sterndrives. It made docking our test boat a piece of cake. You know what they say: Stress kills. So not only will a 350 Sun Sport last longer than other boats, it could even help keep you around for a few more decades too.

Key Features
-This cruiser's built tough but shows its softer side with ample amenities.
-Full-blown deep-V-hull form allows high speed going in rough water.
-Axius Joystick control provides peace of mind during close-quarters maneuvers.