G3 1860 CC Deluxe

The 1860 CC combines the simplicity and economy of a johnboat hull with the versatility of a center-console interior.

December 22, 2009

The best-selling style of boatin America is … the johnboat. But not all johns are ubiquitous green skiffs with tiller-steer outboards. G3 Boats has advanced the concept with a number of models that combine the simplicity and economy of the johnboat hull with full-featured deck configurations, including a variety of helm positions.

The latest addition to this line is the 1860 CC Deluxe. New for 2010, this design moves the fuel tank to the center for better weight distribution, which is a key quality in lightweight boats sensitive to every pound. It features a new fiberglass center console with integrated livewell and rod holders.

One look tells you this boat is serious about catching fish — most any way you want to. With bow and stern pedestal seats in place and a trolling motor on the bow, you can plug the shoreline or stock the two aerated wells to live-bait a favorite deep hole.


But that’s just the beginning. With almost the entire boat given over to open deck space and the flat hull sections providing excellent stability, you could also pole it into the shallows, bow fish from the forward deck or toss a cast net. When the weather is right, you could go for flounder in the bay, or maybe even sneak outside the inlet. Or if small water is your thing, you can launch on small, shallow creeks where bass boats would never fit.

G3 provided a 90 horsepower Yamaha for our test. This will keep two fishermen scooting along at better than 35 mph with good fuel economy, but from past experience with similar models, we know this hull will also plane off and touch 30 mph with a 50 horsepower motor — and save you a couple thousand dollars.

Extra Points
• Bow and stern livewells provide a combined 45-gallon capacity.
• Finished interior provides snag-free surfaces, with marine-grade vinyl flooring for easy cleaning.
• Package includes a galvanized trailer with detachable tongue and padded wind guides.
• Bow and stern storage lockers drain to the bilge and can be locked for added security.


Test Drive * Test Engine: Yamaha F90 * Test Prop: 13″ X 15″ aluminum * Test Load: People (400 LB.) Fuel (20 GAL.) * Top Speed: 37.1 MPH @ 6,100 RPM * Time to Plane: 5.2 sec. * Time to 30 MPH: 10.3 sec * Most Economical Cruise Speed: 26 MPH @ 4,500 RPM, 3.9 GPH Vital Stats * Length Overall: 18’1″ * Beam: 7’2″ * Dry Weight: 905 LB. * Seating/Weight Capacity: 6/1,500 LB. * Fuel Capacity: 20 GAL. * Max HP: 90 * MSRP: $20,095 * NMMA Certified: Yes


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