G3 Angler V185 F

Designed to be fast, nimble and capable of handling the roughest fishing conditions, the G3 Angler V185 F also is family-fun ready.

December 21, 2010

This multispecies boat is fully equipped to handle a walleye, bass, pike, muskie or panfish — anything a serious angler wants, plus amenities for casual boating trips with the family.

Whether you prefer spider-rigging for crappie, trolling for walleye or drifting for catfish, the Angler V185 F has all the bells and whistles to fit your style of fishing.

Designed by G3 as a big-water boat capable of handling the roughest fishing conditions, this boat is also fast and responsive. Pushed to full throttle, the boat hit a top speed of 49.9 mph, and while testing its handling ability, I discovered the boat could make tight turns without my having to trim the motor all the way down. The V185 F’s new lifting strakes produced a fast hole shot, with the boat getting up on plane in 2.6 seconds.


Inside the Angler, I found many standard features that both professional and amateur fishermen need for a successful day on the water. Plenty of storage room is always essential to anglers, and the V185 F meets their needs with an under-deck rod locker capable of holding nine rods up to 7 feet long. A new rod-storage compartment in the starboard gunwale can hold seven more rods.

The Angler also has enough livewell capacity to hold your trophy catches in a 15-gallon bow livewell and a 39-gallon tank aft. The rear livewell is equipped with a bait tamer — a mesh holder that allows you easier access to bait and keeps your minnows alive better than plastic bait buckets. Both livewells are also lighted, which comes in handy at night, when the big ones usually bite.

But what do you do when your family is tired of fishing? Yank ’em around on a tube till they laugh themselves silly.


Extra Points
Wraparound windshield, fulllength concave spray rails and stand-up canvas top keep you dry even on windy, rainy days.

A Sony AM/FM CD stereo with four speakers will spice up the day when the fish are ignoring your baits.

The 35-gallon fuel tank has dual pickups for a kicker motor.


Wired for a 24-volt trolling motor system, the V185 F has receptacles that allow you to troll from bow or stern.

Test Drive
» Test Engine: Yamaha F150 four-stroke

» Test Prop: Yamaha Reliance 14¼” X 18″ SS


» Test Load: People (350 LB.); Fuel (35 GAL.)

» Top Speed: 49.9 MPH @ 6,200 RPM

» Time to Plane: 2.6 sec.

» Time to 30 MPH: 5.8 sec.
» Most Economical Cruise Speed:** 25.4 MPH @ 3,500 RPM

Vital Stats
» Length Overall: 18’5″

» Beam: 8′

» Dry Weight: 1,720 LB.

» Seating/Weight Capacity: 8/1,800 LB.

» Fuel Capacity: 35 GAL.
» Max HP:** 200

» MSRP: $38,395

» NMMA Certified


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