Gekko Revo 6.7

The Revo 6.7 has the performance qualities and looks of an inboard ski boat, but without a premium cost.

November 21, 2008

Gekko’s manufacturing executives are the direct opposite of the “executive” image. They don’t spend time in boardrooms or predawn hours getting the market reports from overseas. Instead, these folks are passionate about being on the water, getting in ski sets any time the Minnesota lakes are thawed — and doing it before or during morning rush hour. They’re family boaters and nationally ranked competitors who know how important it is to take advantage of every available moment and how challenging it can be to balance a budget that includes a payment on a high-end tow boat.

This is why they originally developed the Revo 6.7, to make it more affordable for boaters who consider watersports their primary boating activity. Our testers have called the boat’s wake and performance “ideal” for recreational use. The boat went from a standstill to 30 mph in five seconds flat during our test, helping skiers, wakeboarders and tubers get out of the water without a struggle. That was with a 330 hp MerCruiser doing the work. It’s important to note that owners of a MerCruiser engine should be able to find plenty of mechanics familiar with this motor when it comes time to service or winterize it.

In comparison with traditional ski boats, the Revo 6.7 has a generous keel forward to cut through moderately choppy water. In developing the hull, Gekko used aerospace computer engineering to give it and the deck unique symmetry. The result is a style not often associated with a value boat.


Key Note: For a few thousand dollars more, buyers can opt up for a 409 hp engine, which might be worth it for those who need more speed.

Standout Features
• Two built-in coolers will carry a total of 180 quarts, so there’s no need for a carry-on to take up deck space.
• Wakeboard tower is part of the standard package.
• Seating in the cockpit is deep for a watersports boat, giving a sense of security for boaters of all sizes.

Vital Stats * Length Overall: 21’8″ * Beam: 8’6″ * Dry Weight: 3,200 lb. * Seating/Weight Capacity: 12/1,450 lb. * Fuel Capacity: 38 gal. * Maximum HP: 375 MSRP (w/ MerCruiser 330 hp MPI, trailer, tower): $39,995 * NMMA Certified: Yes Test Drive * Test Engine: MerCruiser 330 hp Black Scorpion * Test Prop: 13.25″ x 16″ Acme four-blade * Top Speed: 46.6 mph @ 5,500 rpm * Time to 30 MPH: 5.0 sec.


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