Ingenity 23 Electric Debuts at Miami Boat Show 2022

Boat of the Year winner offers a new electric boat, the Ingenity Electric 23.
Ingenity 23 Electric
The Ingenity 23 Electric combines the space of a pontoon boat with electric power. Courtesy Ingenity

With the space of a pontoon boat, and riding a fiberglass hull, the Ingenity 23 provides an electric-powered alternative to internal combustion powered boats.

The Ingenity 23 Electric is offered by Ingenity, the company that won Boating’s prestigious, Boat of the Year award for the all-electric Nautique GS22E.

Ingenity charging station
Seamless charging system by Ingenity. Courtesy Ingenity

The Ingenity 23 Electric debuted to accolades at the 2022 Discover Boating Miami Boat Show, in booth 1907, in the newly-remodeled Miami Beach Convention Center. Here are some preliminary specs.

Ingenity 23 Electric specs
Preliminary specs for the Ingenity 23 Electric. Courtesy Ingenity

Offering innovative battery technology, seamless charging solutions and what is said to be zero-emissions boating, the Ingenity 23 Electric shows great promise. Look for our test report of this new electric boat, coming soon. In the meantime, check out Ingenity Electric.