Larson All American 23

Twenty-first-century boatbuilding techniques meet the style of a ’57 Chevy in a boat that brings romance back to the water.

Larson’s All American 23 resembles the spawn of a ’57 Chevy Bel Air mated to 21st-century technology.

The retro starts with a sheerline that’s high at the bow, and sweeps gently down and aft toward the transom, leaving the boat plenty of prow to break through the afternoon chop, and the broad shoulders to keep the ride dry.

Inside, the helm station has dual-barrel, bug-eyed gauges that say the state-of-the-art stereo should be playing the Glen Miller Band. Then you get to the captain’s seat, which screams “successful businessman” with its deep upholstery, lumbar support and tall backrest. Aft bench seats have contoured armrests built into the coamings. Forward bow seating is spacious and, thanks to that rising sheer, it’s ever so deep, safe and comfortable for the next generation of boaters.

But it’s hard to see all these details when the big picture takes your breath away — it’s that eye-popping. The ride? Well, it was crisp and controlled with just enough speed (51.1 mph at WOT) to inspire us. There was something about the way it carried itself that made you feel great while running it that must have been apparent to bystanders too, because when we cut a hard turn at the end of our test run, it received applause from a bridge overhead. We think it deserved it.