Larson LSR 2100

Retro fins meet space-age stealthy lines, with black accenting white in a design that looks space-flight ready.

I stood staring at Larson’s LSR 2100 for several minutes before jumping aboard it for my test drive. It delivers an eye-catching look, combining the retro of tail fins and metro of the angular lines of the dash, gunwales, and piped upholstery. It looked fast at the dock, and met those speed expectations on the water.

Punching up the throttle, it leapt high, then shot forward accelerating to more than 50 mph. Gotta love that. It hit planing speed just short of four seconds. With the Bravo III drive, it cut hairpin turns in either direction as tightly as I could hang on, without blowing out.

The helm station boasted big gauges sheltered under a rugged-looking, upholstered brow with a carbon fiber texture and beautifully contrasting stitching. The captain and mate get matching bucket seats with a unique shape for a custom feel, not to mention their comfortable security under way.

Seating and hull had a two-tone treatment of black and white. Black on the transom platform and on side bands along the hull was complemented in the upholstery as well. The windshield matched in a trim color, and its shape was a blend of precise curves and straight edges for a stealthy look that set off the design.

In this boat, few stones were left unturned, and should you actually track one into the boat, it will be captured by the stripe-sculpted snap-in carpet — yet another detail that brings design harmony to this new vessel.