Malibu vRide

The vRide gives boaters in a wider budget range an opportunity to experience the fit and finish for which Malibu is known.

Malibu would want everyone to experience its highly acclaimed wakeboarding boats. Not every boater can afford to, so a couple years ago, the company introduced a more affordable model called the vRide. The base price of just over $40,000 gets you a 500-pound center ballast tank (plenty for recreational riders) and the vRide hull, which is the same foundation that kept the original VLX afloat. Pro riders like Dallas Friday have used this hull to refine their wake-riding skills, but everyone from beginners to intermediate riders can expect approachable ramps with mellow peaks.

For intermediate riders and above, I'd recommend opting for the rear ballast upgrade to bring the total to 900 pounds. I usually ride a shorter line length (around 65 feet) when sessioning behind the vRide to compensate for the boat's wider wakes. Oh, and did I mention that the Illusion X tower comes standard? The forward swoop design gives you maximum visibility inside the boat, and we can vouch for the solid pulls its stoutness provides. By sacrificing a few bells and whistles, boaters in a wider budget range can experience the fit and finish for which Malibu is known.

  • Length: 21'

  • Beam: 7'9.5"

  • Dry Weight: 3,000 lb.