Nauticstar 190 RG

A broad footprint gives anglers more lateral stability when landing fish. Spill some blood. Track it around. It’s no sweat with this boat.

December 22, 2009

There are those fisherman who don’t mind spending a lot of quality time maintaining their boats. Then there are those who do. These are the folks who want to hit the water on a whim, take 10 minutes hosing down the boat in the driveway and be done with it. The 190 RG is made for the latter group.

This is the only NauticStar model made with a rolled-edge hull. It simplifies the building process because there’s no fiberglass liner like you find in glossier finished boats, thus reducing costs and weight. We ran the boat with 400 pounds of flesh and 35 gallons of fuel and nearly hit 40 mph (we reached 41 mph during another run with a single passenger). This was with an economical Yamaha 90 hp four-stroke.

Don’t confuse simple with utilitarian, though. Under the console we discovered wrapped wires running systematically instead of hanging loose. Even the stainless-steel cupholders on top of the helm are plumbed to usher condensation away from the dry storage inside the console. We were surprised to find out that the 20-gallon baitwell, molded in and gelcoated forward of the console, is standard. Take out the standpipe and you could use it as an insulated cooler, though the boat does come with a 74-quart cooler under the leaning post.


NauticStar gave the 190 RG a generous 25-inch transom to prevent backsplashes from entering the cockpit. It also built up the hull sides for interior depth, and by carrying the broad 8-foot beam forward, it has given anglers more lateral stability when landing fish. Spill some blood. Track it around. It’s no sweat with this easy-tokeep boat.

Extra Points
• Splatter paint on the deck won’t show scuffs or nicks as would a finished nonskid surface.
• Lack of a hull liner adds two to three inches of interior space on each side of the boat.
• The console has three rod holders on each side.
• The 35-gallon fuel tank is cradled and glassed beneath the cockpit floor for balance.

Test Drive * Test Engine: Yamaha F90 * Test Prop: 13″ X 19″ aluminum * Test Load: People (400 LB.) Fuel (35 GAL.) * Top Speed: 39.6 MPH @ 6,000 RPM * Time to Plane: 3.9 sec. * Time to 30 MPH: 11.0 sec * Minimum Planing Speed: 14.5 MPH @ 3,200 RPM Vital Stats * Length Overall: 18’8″ * Beam: 8′ * Dry Weight: 1,275 LB. * Seating/Weight Capacity: 5/1,000 LB. * Fuel Capacity: 35 GAL. * Max HP: 115 * MSRP: $15,647 (as tested)* * NMMA Certified: Yes


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