Memorable Boat Ads

A look at some of the memorable boating commercials on television.

Whenever I see a boat on mainstream television I stop to take notice because, you know, I'm a boat guy. In this post "Miami Vice" and "Baywatch" era, you typically see boats only in reality shows or in commercials. This new commercial from Geico reminded me of that. What are some of the best boat-related commercials I've seen? Take a look at some of the standouts below.

Evinrude made several memorably commercials for its E-TEC outboards, like this one:

Here's a recent boat ramp spoof advertising Keno:

Triumph Boats probably made one of the more memorable boat commercials with the Bubba Test:

GoPro brings this boat crash commercial to the table:

Also, don't forget the unintentional comedy of this classic commercial, you and your Johnson:

Any we're missing? Post your favorites in the comments below!