No Bikinis In Sight

Boat testing isn’t all fun and games.

No Bikinis In Sight

Boating staffers are often chided for doing our job: testing boats. We often hear “You call that a job?!” ; “Can I come?”; and, “I’ll carry your bag.”

But the truth is, boat testing is a job. Here we see long-time Contributing Editor, Charles Pleuddeman, testing the new Scarab Jet Boats for an upcoming test. The air temperature is 30-degrees farenheit and it's snowing.

So next time you think we have got it good, remember… you’re right! We would not want to do anything else.****

Takeaway: Boat engines perform better in cold air, since it is denser.

Check out the gallery for a sneak peek of the Scarab Boats 195 HO Jet Boat.