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Outboard Engine Computer Diagnostics

CDI's universal diagnostic software for outboard engines.

When the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) and the California Air Resources Board ( CARB ) mandated emission regulations for outboard motors they required onboard devices to record engine running hours, have a diagnostic ability, and to monitor engine functions. Each manufacturer developed its own proprietary software and cables to meet the EPA and CARB requirements for diagnostics and information retrieval. That meant every outboard needed a different system, different wiring, and different training which made things difficult and expensive for multiple-engine dealerships and independent repair shops.

CDI Electronics recognized this diagnostic dilemma and developed a universal software and cabling system to assist those who service more than one brand of outboard motor or stern drive. They labeled it MEDS for Marine Engine Diagnostic System and the medical terminology association implies that it relates to determining the health of a motor, which it does. Now a single common program on a laptop and interchangeable adapters allow the testing and retrieving engine information on most low-emission outboards, inboards, and stern-drives.

MEDS displays engine information like a dashboard with a choice of gauges depending on what data you wish to monitor or presents it in text and graphics to show desired parameters. The program is truly a plug-and-play design as it automatically senses what make and model and displays the information and testing procedures unique to that engine. MEDS works with most Honda, Evinrude, Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercury, MerCruisers, and many other low-emission gasoline engines. In addition it works with Yamaha snowmobiles and personal water craft.


The MEDS program is modular meaning you only have to purchase the segments of the program needed if you are not going to work on every conceivable motor that it covers. MEDS makes it easy to include additional motors at some future date. This is a heavy-duty diagnostic system designed for the professional technician and repair shop that services a number of different engines. It is also advantageous for authorized dealerships to evaluate and service other brands of motors that may be traded in to them.


Additional MEDS information can be found at www.cdielectronics.com Now in version 7.2, MEDS could be considered expensive for an individual boating enthusiast. Should a club or other organization purchase it for its members to share or to rent, the benefit would be for everyone involved as the cost is split many ways. CDI Electronics does not sell directly to the consumer; only through marine distributors and professionals. You can find MEDS online or through marine suppliers. UPGRADE TO DIGITAL ENGINE CONTROLS


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