Premier Grand Majestic 235 LTD(with PTX)

The Grand Majestic is as impressive underneath as it is topside, with performance innovations unique to Premier.

November 10, 2008

Boat testers can be broken down into two basic categories: those who are drawn to a boat’s aesthetics and those who are all about the drive. Sometimes a particular craft excites both types, and you’re looking at one such pontoon.

The day we took out the Grand Majestic, a brisk wind had picked up out of the south. Not exactly lounging weather, but perfect conditions to test the mettle of Premier’s PTX technology. The PTX’s flat planing surface, built onto the center tube, is designed for fast lift, tight solid turns and improved smoothness in serious chop. The word from Premier’s chief engineer? “PTX delivers the same ride characteristics as a glass runabout.”

Ladies and gentlemen, he was right. The pontoon got up quick and skipped over the whitecaps with nary a bump felt. And turning? Wow! We pegged the 225 Verado and turned the wheel hard right. There we were, carving a tight “doughnut” with a diameter that couldn’t have been more than 30 feet across. Never a shimmy, never a slide, all at full power.


For boat testers who gravitate to the amenities, this Premier did not disappoint. If you know anything about the brand, it is synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship. So naturally we found things like stately furniture, satin powder-coated fence rails and custom hardware befitting a Premier. Another final touch was the slip-resistant flooring on the bow and stern platforms, which resembles and pays tribute to wooden decks from the bygone days of boating.

Key Note: The PTX is great technology, but if your style is stately cruising under 30 mph, you can get the Grand Majestic without it.

Standout Features
• Two-tone upholstery in classic colors and timeless lines, so you’ll never have to worry about the LTD looking “dated.”
• Sculpted hardware is beefy and beautifully polished, demonstrating that Premier pays attention to even the smallest detail.
• Big rear sundeck will please guests, while providing plenty of extra storage area beneath the cushions.


Vital Stats
* Length Overall: 23’4″
* Beam: 8’6″
* Dry Weight (boat only): 2,280 lb.
* Seating/Weight Capacity: 17/3,900 lb.
* Fuel Capacity: 53 gal.
* Maximum HP: 250
* MSRP (as tested): $69,445
* NMMA Certified: Yes

Test Drive
* Test Engine: Mercury Verado 225
* Test Prop: Enertia 15 pitch
* Test Load: People (330 lb.); Fuel (10 gal.)
* Top Speed: 42.2 mph @ 6,200 rpm
* Time to 30 MPH: 6.0 sec.


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