Princecraft Platinum SE 186

We tested the ride of the V-bottom in rougher North Country walleye waters. The boat cleared through the wakes and remained easily in control.

December 22, 2009

Canada’s lakes are beautiful, glacial and granite-lines, which is a tough environment for a boat. So it’s not surprising that Princecraft boats, built in Princeville, Quebec, are built tough enough to give a great ride and a long life. That they’re pretty goodlooking is a bonus.

At the factory we found that more engineering precision goes into Princecraft boats than most fiberglass models. Stringer grids are plasma-cut, pressed into shape and welded as needed for added strength. They fit into the welded hull like a glove instead of being made to fit with added resin and glass mat. Once the stringers and hull are riveted and welded together, the hull is smooth and sleek, without a dip or divot from a misfit stringer or rivet.

That alone is enough to account for the precise ride and handling of the Platinum SE 186. I pressed it through snap turns, speed runs and acceleration trials with relish. We tested with a Verado 150 and just an aluminum prop, yet the boat snapped to plane in 3.6 seconds and hit 30 mph in seven seconds — a hole shot considered ideal for popping a slalom skier from the water. After we churned up the lake, we cut back through the chop to test the ride that the hull’s V-bottom would give in rougher North Country walleye waters. The boat cleared through the wakes without jarring our teeth and remained easily in control. The chines knocked down the spray, and even the breezy day could not throw our wakes back in our faces.


Princecraft engineers are boaters and anglers — that shows in the design of livewells, rod lockers and electronics placements. For cruising, cool-climate boaters will enjoy the deep cockpit, dry ride and protection of a full windshield.

Extra Points
• Extra plating on the keel gives long life to boats that often find themselves pulled up on the beach.
• The transom is equipped with a boarding ladder and is wide enough to accommodate a kicker motor.
• Verado power is smooth and fuel efficient.
• A factory-fitted trailer makes the rig easy to move from lake to garage.

Test Drive * Test Engine: Verado 150 * Test Prop: 14.5″ X 19″ aluminum * Test Load: People (450 LB.) Fuel (20 GAL.) * Top Speed: 45.5 MPH @ 5,800 RPM * Time to Plane: 3.6 sec. * Time to 30 MPH: 7.2 sec * Most Economical Cruise Speed: 24.3 MPH @ 3,500 RPM, 4.3 GPH Vital Stats * Length Overall: 18’6″ * Beam: 7’11” * Dry Weight: 1,525 LB. * Seating/Weight Capacity: 7/1,158 LB. * Fuel Capacity: 40 GAL. * Max HP: 175 * MSRP: $46,829 * NMMA Certified: Yes


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