Pro Kat 2150 Bay Cat

Purr-fectly Yummy.

They Cast: The 2150 Bay Cat runs and looks great, and it has an abundance of fishing features. ****

We Cast: After spending a day running back and forth across Tangier Sound in 20-knot winds, we think it's one of the smoothest, driest boats in its size range. We had a nasty chop following us as we ran south to Spring Island, on the hunt for speckled trout. The water was so wind-whipped, it was the color of chocolate milk, so we turned and ran east in a beam sea, for hotspot number two-maintaining 35 mph was a piece of cake. When the bite turned off, we zipped back into the sound and ran right into the teeth of it, which was actually one of the most comfortable directions for this twin-hulled feline. Instead of hitting the waves, we rode atop the crests and a cushion of compressed air. When we finally located some fish, we made use of one of the dual insulated fishboxes in the bow, and throughout the day the multitude of holders along the console (8) and in the gunwales (4) meant there were always plenty of rods close at hand. My lone gripe: The console and windshield are small, barely providing enough protection for the captain, much less any crew. The 21'6"-by-8'6" Pro Kat is 100 percent wood-free, built with high-density composites and a vinylester skin coat. Hardware is backed with nylock locking nuts, and nothing shook, rattled, or vibrated when we went charging into the slop. ****

Who Will Fish It: Anyone who appreciates low-impact boating. ****

Another Choice: Twin Vee's 19 Bay Cat is significantly smaller and isn't finished as nicely as the Pro Kat. ****

The Numbers: $41,457.

Contact: Pro Kat at 205/763-0231,