The Quadski runs muddy trails and waterways with ease.

Roads and launch ramps are for sissies. Real men hit the mud and drive straight into the water. How? On the new Quadski from Gibbs Sports Amphibians. On land, the Quadski resembles a traditional ATV, only longer and wider. But when I drove it down a steep dirt ramp and into the water on test day, I pushed a button and the wheels retracted in three seconds. The 175 hp BMW Motorrad engine switched from powering the rear axle to a jet drive that brought the Quadski on plane in three seconds and wrought a max speed of 45 mph. (Gibbs limited top end for safety reasons; on test day the Quadski had oomph in reserve.) Midrange acceleration on land and water was impressive. It held its own in both realms. The 1,300-pound vehicle features a composite hull and a 15-gallon fuel tank. $40,000;


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