Quick Reference Guide For Shipping Your Boat

Use our guide to determine which method is best for shipping your boat.

Box It: Virtually limitless shipping destinations are opened through container shipping. "Flat rack" maximums are 40 feet by 8 feet with no height restriction. "High Cubes" fit boats 39 feet by 7 1/2 feet wide by 9 feet high within. Trailered boats that clear 15 feet high might try a roll-on roll-off ship, also known as "Ro-Ro's."

Tow It: While it's not impossible to ship wider, taller boats the practical size limits for transporting a boat overland are 13'6" high (keel to mast, plus trailer height) and 15 feet wide.

Ship It: The world is your oyster. Even large yachts with trans-oceanic capability can be transported by ship.