Rinker Captiva 196 BR I/O

This sporty family boat offers everything you need.

Rinker has always been one of the best builders at outfitting boats with what boaters need, providing awesome waterborne value. The new Captiva 196 BR, expanding on the old 186 model, is no exception.

Rinker also offers the Captiva 196 in both a sterndrive and outboard version — the company’s first outboard model in nearly 20 years. Our test model was sterndrive powered, featuring a 200 hp Volvo Penta Gi sterndrive that pushed the boat to nearly 43 mph. Rinker builds its runabouts with 19 degrees of transom deadrise, steeper than most in its class, so the 196 executes much crisper turns at 30 mph. It is truly a carving machine but with predictable stability.

About those things you need. Stowage is a primary concern on a small boat, and Rinker maximizes it, with its easy-to-clean rotomolded plastic tubs under cockpit and bow seats. (Who wants mildew-prone carpet in there?) The in-sole ski locker is also clean, with a rubberized floor mat and a key-shaped hatch that accommodates wakeboards. That’s a real-world design for on-water use. Other practical touches? The grab handles are placed in functional spots, so you don’t have to be a contortionist to hold on under way. It’s a boat built for real, sensible boaters.

Key Features
-The full-beam ­transom bench and sun pad provide sitting and lounging comfort for all.
-Available with either outboard or sterndrive power.
-Angled backrests make for comfortable lounging in the bow; stainless-steel grab handles provide safety.